45 New and Beautiful Arabic Mehandi Designs: I’m Loving it!

Mehandi as well as henna is usually used in wedding and also in traditional functions in most of the countries as the temporary tattoos as well as like a pattern art. The tattoos made by henna are usually small and are designed like heart or birds over the arm or on the shoulders. But the Arabic Mehandi designs that are traditional are usually adopted by the women on the traditional holidays as well as on weddings and festivals such as Diwali, eid, and many more. The designs of Arabic mehandi are unique and appreciable. Every girl likes to make mehandi designs and it is the craze for them. Arabic Mehandi designs can be used for different occasions and looks pretty.

Arabic Mehandi Designs1.1

Arabic Mehandi Designs

Arabic Mehandi Designs1

Arabic Mehandi Designs11

There are wide ranges of mehandi designs as well as patterns and top four are

  • Indian Mehandi Design
  • Pakistani Mehandi Design
  • African Mehandi Design
  • Arabic Mehandi Design

All the four mehandi designs are quite popular and enhance the beauty of bride perfectly.

Arabic Mehandi Designs9

Arabic Mehandi Designs4

  • These mehandi designs are popular worldwide along with they all are also known as very reputed designs of the mehandi.
  • However, most of the mehandi designs are quite similar with one another as well as have their own appeal along with their significance.
  • Among these styles, most of the patterns are very complicated and the designs vary according to the celebration, location as well as the taste.

Arabic mehandi design images bring to mind the picture of those hot but somehow sensual desert scenes. There is something enchanting about getting these Arabic mehandi designs for hands done on your palms when you are getting dressed up for a traditional occasion. There are many Arabic mehandi design images that you can look through to choose from. This will give you an idea if you want Arabian mehandi designs for hands until the wrist or even beyond. The thing about Arabic mehandi design images is that they are not like other mehandi designs in that they are bigger and less elaborate than other traditional styles. But this does not mean Arabic mehandi designs for hands are simple or easy to get done; actually it needs a certain amount of expertise to get the mehandi done right. The next time you come across Arabic mehandi designs for hands do think about it as more than just a design but as something with a legacy.


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