6 Out of the Box Date Ideas to Keep Your Romance Lit

Dating can be tricky. As such, it is always wise to plan ahead with fun ideas. Even though technology has made meeting partners easier with dating apps and websites like happymatches.com, you still have to put in some effort when coming up with date ideas.

A date does not need to be expensive to be fun. Also, depending on whether it is your first date, you need to prep yourself on questions to ask and subjects to talk about alongside other things.


Your dates should always be different than the previous ones. This means you need to think outside the box. Of course, going for dinner dates or movie dates is fantastic. There is no doubt about that. But, you need to get out of your relationship comfort zone, right? Come up with a date idea that will spark your romance even more and also bring up new conversations.

Well, here are some date ideas to add to your amazing social calendar.

Out of the Box Date Ideas to Keep Your Romance Lit

Road Trip to the Countryside

Why hit a café when you can hit the road? Well, road trips offer a perfect opportunity to enjoy what nature has to offer together. Talk about watching the sunrise or kissing in the moonlight. If you don’t own a vehicle, you can hire one, call your better half, pack enough supplies and forget your cameras.

One remarkable thing about a road trip is that you can go anywhere. It will help you explore other places outside your home town. Besides, you can also search for classic road trip routes.

Visit an Animal Orphanage

Visiting an animal shelter can be a good idea for your second date. Most people find animals to be not only uplifting but also comforting. Animal orphanages offer a chance for you to make both the pets and each other very happy.

Spending some time with an orphaned pup, for instance, can be an overwhelming bonding experience for you and your better half. You might also end up living with one!

Visit a Bookstore

Going to a bookstore isn’t something you might think of for a date plan. But, going shopping for original books does make for an excellent date idea. To make it more exciting, you can choose books for each other. This will provide an opportunity to learn how closely your partner knows your interests and thoughts.

Take a Cooking Class Together

Attending classes together is fun. Cooking classes will get you to put your culinary skills together and prepare a meal. This is fun and creative because you will cook the meal for yourselves rather than buy it. Additionally, this idea is inexpensive.

Scavenger Hunting Date

Scavenger hunting is a date plan that will leave you thrilled and entertained. Create a scavenger hunt and send your partner to find it. To make it more interesting, the one who takes the longest time to complete the quest will buy dinner.

Karaoke Nights

This is an intimidating but fun date idea. If you are daring enough, step forward and belt out your rendition of your favorite artist’s song. Later on, you will laugh about how horrible you were.

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