Do Physical satisfaction really matters when you’re in love?

It’s good if you understand your partner and stand by his side every time he needs. But apart from spiritual, emotional and mental care; you also need take care about your physical relationship with your lover or spouse.

Though, it varies from person to person and several other factors related to relationships including the mutual understanding between you two and trust over each other. You are here reading this article clearly indicates the need to know about the role of physical satisfaction in love relationship.

Role of Physical satisfaction in Love relationship

Three Stages of Love

You might be thinking from where did this come! Indeed, there are three significant stages of love; not having experienced even one of them will leave your love incomplete and worthless.

  • Eternal love – Nothing can be ever compared with the love being done and felt by eternal and pure soul. The peace of mind and the ultimate strength of having someone whose soul loves you would never let you feel incomplete. Two souls in love is pure and incredibly magical.
  • Sentimental love – The next stages to be achieved after eternal love is sentimental love. Understanding each others emotions is what this stage is all about. Have you experienced the gradual change in your upset face into a smiling one just because you suddenly realized there’s someone who loves you like hell!

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  • Physical love – And then comes the third stage of love without which it is going to be impossible to create a chain of humans spreading love. That incomparable touch contributes to awesome moment to cherish till the sun exists. Physical satisfaction is of great importance in love since merely expressing love is incomplete without being felt and showed up. It is that thing which unites two spirits close, much close, together.

Significance of Physical Closeness

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Physical closeness is important but make sure that the two people in relationship are feeling the same urge for each other. One has to be sure about their partner’s comfort so as to give a complete physical pleasure. If simply a hug or a kiss can skip your heart and feel Goosebumps on your skin, then the ultimate physical closeness will take you to the sky making you feel divinely eternal. It is that last wall to be broken by the two individuals after which no one could ever break this exclusively pure relationship.

How to Develop Sense of Intimacy?

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Developing a sense of intimacy is not a one day thing. That closeness has to be achieved by showing infinite love, care and respect. No doubt, it is not that easy to express it all in first attempt but you need to keep it in your mind that the other significant is also finding ways to come close to you.

Cuddling is cute! Cherish the moment when get to cuddle with him/her. Couch is eagerly waiting for both of you to cherish those mesmerizing moments.

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Believe! Eyes will express it the way words can’t express. Maintain an intimate eye contact looking deep inside your lover’s eyes driving him crazy to spend some cuddling on bed.

Lean into a passionate kiss every time you feel a blend of romance. Moreover, kissing is a great exercise for mouth! The beauty of closed eyes and an anime couple is simply incomparable.

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Be in the moment when you get to know about his requirements for physical pleasure. Indeed, true love is not the slave of intimacy but without it no relationship is complete either. You two are made for each other and both of you are ought to satisfy each others physical needs.

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At the end, it’s all what you and your partner expects and feels for each other. Love is a greatest pleasure in itself that it doesn’t need any physical actions to be accompanied with. Do comment your doubts and views regarding the post letting us know whether this post was helpful or not.

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