29 Positive Affirmations to Start Your Day

After you scheduled your foot surgery with northwestsurgerycenter.com, you started to feel a bit uneasy. Then you remembered how somebody told you that starting their day with positive affirmations has really helped them become less anxious.

Here are positive affirmations to start your day!

Affirmations for Positive Thinking

“Something wonderful is on the verge of happening.”

“I choose my thoughts. Today, I choose kind and loving thoughts.”

“Peace is always within me, including now.”

“Today is a great day. I am grateful to be here.”

“The day ahead was designed perfectly for me.”

“Today, I will choose to remain present. I will notice when my mind starts to wander, and I will return to the moment in front of me.”

“I am always filled with love and light. I can feel this in me right at this moment.”

“I leave any negative thoughts about myself or others behind. Today, I will invite positive and peaceful thoughts towards myself and others.”

Affirmations to Ease Anxiety

“I am always capable of what I set my mind to. Today, my intentions and focus are clear and positive.”

“Today is the perfect day to grow as an individual.”

“I am divinely loved at all times, and I can feel this love radiating through me right now.”

“A peaceful mind and a peaceful heart are what I woke up with today. I will spread this peace wherever I go.”

“Today, I put aside any worries or fears. I know that I am taken care of.”

“I acknowledge that everything happens for a reason – even if I don’t know what that reason is.”

“I love myself, I love others, and I love this world. I will tell others, more often, how much I love them.”

“I am supported in all that I do.”

“I am safe right here, right now.”

Affirmations for Focus

“I acknowledge my breath, and I am grateful for this gift of life.”

“I will use my time wisely today.”

“I will not focus on what’s ahead of me, and I will instead focus on what’s in front of me.”

“I know I will smile today. I will start right now.”

“I know that today is a great day, and I will give thanks for it throughout the day.”

“My intentions are clear; I will be positive today. I am positive right now.”

“This is a wonderful world! How lucky am I to get to experience it?”

Affirmations for Peace & Happiness

“Everything is working out as it should. I trust the universe has my best interests in mind.”

“I will avoid any gossip and those who gossip. Today, my words will be only towards making the world a better place.”

“I can change the world simply by being a better person. Today, I am better than yesterday.”

“I know that love and happiness are contagious. I can feel it all around me, and I will share this with anyone else that I encounter today.”

“I am content where I am, and I know even better days are coming. I will remain patient and grateful in this moment.”

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