Reasons Why Every Woman should Start using Peebuddy

Public restrooms are a blessing for many people. It is a place where disabled people and pregnant women can relieve themselves when their home is too far. It is also a place for the homeless people to take care of their personal hygiene and the only place where they can use the restroom. Other than that, one can go there simply to refresh and relieve themselves.

Every day quite a lot of people visit public washrooms. In a place like India, especially high traffic areas like airports, railways and restaurants where there is population density, thousands of people use the public restroom in one single day. On top of this, there is no way to know and even make sure that the toilets stay clean. Germs that cause illnesses can spread quickly from person to person, especially in public restrooms where many people touch the same surfaces. Public toilets are just humid enough to keep viruses and pathogens growing, so influenza and urinary tract infections are some common illnesses spread here.

Despite this, one can’t keep avoiding public washrooms. Being from the working class, one may have to travel a lot, and instead of worrying whether the washroom is safe and has regular sanitation, one can take certain precautions of their own. Men relatively have it easier than women when it comes to public toilets because they stand while peeing. Meanwhile, a woman may come in contact with the toilet seat, which has been used by many people.

This problem is solved by the intimate care brand Peebuddy. They have come up with a unique product of their own. They have launched a urination funnel for women that allows them to stand and pee. This way, women can pee safely in public toilets and thus avoid infections and other unhygienic conditions. They have also delved into other feminine hygiene products because a widely common problem for women is the unavailability of proper facilities in washrooms. 

The products include:

Urination Funnel

There is an option between a disposable funnel (made from cardboard and vegetable wax) and a reusable (rubber) funnel. They allow women to be able to stand and pee, thus avoiding UTIs and yeast infections. This is also great for older women having knee conditions because they will not have to sit to pee. All one needs to do is place the funnel under the flow area and tilt it downwards before peeing. Once you get the hang of it, it is one of the most convenient devices that one will use.

Toilet seat covers

Having to continuously squat while peeing can be uncomfortable. Using Peebuddy toilet seat covers to avoid direct contact with dirty toilet seats is an excellent choice.

Sanitizing toilet spray

Peebuddy’s toilet seat sanitizer can be used to freshen up and sanitize the toilet at home or even outside. This product assures you a germ-free toilet seat. You can use it on other surfaces like bidets and handles too.

You can find all the mentioned products on Myntra’s website, where they even offer reasonable discounts on Peebuddy’s products. Take care and stay safe!

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