50 Red Nail Art Designs and ideas to express your attitude

Red color, it is one of the hottest of all colors and when carried by woman it adds on to her sex appeal more than anything. A woman loves to get ready beautifully with every inch of her body talking about style and fashion be it her dress, hair, footwear or the nails. Painting nails have been in trend like always wherein woman paint their nails according to the color of their dresses or in contrast to them which undoubtedly adds makes her look ravishing and fashionable. However with changing times, a lot has changed about the nail color and one of the recently introduced fashions in this segment is the nail art designs. My personal favorite all this while has been the red nail art designs and Ideas ; let’s have a look at them in detail below.

Red Nail Art Designs1.1

Red nail art designs and Ideas have been a part of history and were used by people earlier to determine the social status of the people. Something more about the red nail art has been mentioned below;

  • It is another creative way of decorating your nails in the most beautiful way possible.
  • It can be done both on your foot and hand nails.
  • Various types of red nail art designs can be prepared on nail, however women usually prefer to get it done from salons so that perfection is achieved and perfect finish of art work adds on more beauty to nails.
  • Choosing colors and designs varies on the choice of people like red nail art designs, cartoon nail art designs, flower nail art designs etc.

Red Nail Art Designs and Ideas

Red Nail Art Designs1

Red Nail Art Designs2

Red Nail Art Designs3

Red Nail Art Designs4

Red Nail Art Designs5

Why choosing red nail art designs?

Red Nail Art Designs6

Red Nail Art Designs7

Red Nail Art Designs9

Red Nail Art Designs10

Red signifies energy and also boosts up the levels of motivations. It is symbol of love, hotness, lust i.e. it portrays a complete different side of any person, and when a girl/woman uses this color it adds on a spark to her personality. You can even catch hold of celebrities wearing red nail paint or getting red nail art designs on their fingers which makes it all the more popular.

How to take care of the red nail art?

Red Nail Art Designs11

Red Nail Art Designs12

Red Nail Art Designs14

Red Nail Art Designs15

Red Nail Art Designs16


  1. Wanda Ayala November 10, 2015 at 9:25 PM

    What beautiful colors and designs. I can wait to pick one for Christmas!


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