In this article, we will give you seven tips on how to develop your blog and how you can use Instagram to do this. Some of these tips involve sharing to your Instagram stories, “Go live” or a 60-second video on your account.

Tips To Promote Your Blog

A Picture Of Yourself That Has Nothing To Do With Your Blog

The first tip is about the images you share to promote your blog. This is something we really had to get used to: bloggers sharing pictures that have nothing to do with anything they write about, images that are not related to the content of the blog they promote. But more and more bloggers are doing it. If you want your post to rank higher, we recommend you to use a Iigers services, And it’s not just lifestyle bloggers who blog about things like the interior, food, beauty, and fashion, but also people who blog content & share knowledge. And guess what? It works really well.

How do you proceed? You place an influencer style picture of yourself. So no selfie, but a beautiful picture that someone else (or the self-timer) has made of you. In the description below that picture, you tell them that you have written a new blog post and what it is about. In your bio, you put a link to your blog post. And that’s it!

The Picture Attracts Attention

In the beginning, we thought this method was crazy. The picture attracts attention, and then people read the description. We alternate pictures like this with images of good food, private pictures, and beautiful things.

A Picture With A Quote From Your Blog

The next tip is a quote post! This method works well to alternate with the previous one. Search for a high-profile quote in your blog and put it on a beautiful picture. Of course, you can also just put the title on the image. We prefer to make this kind of posts with Canva or Adobe. And if you’re in need of something easy but more effective as your daily photo editing friend, then, Instasize can do your job efficiently. And believe me, in this era of social media, these applications are must-required to sharpen your online presence.

My experience with quote posts is that there is less interaction directly in the picture; fewer likes, fewer comments. But it does generate a lot of clicks in proportion to my blog post. That’s why we recommend it. We often post both an influencer style picture of myself to refer to my blog, and a week or so later a post about the post.

Instead of using a picture where you put your own text, with or without the help of a picture editing program, you can also write down your quote on a notepad, on a letter board or in a booklet. And then take a beautiful picture of it! This will give you some extra attention, keep changing things regularly to keep your followers engaged.

Share Your Story In Your Instagram Stories

A lot of bloggers already ask attention for new blogs in their account. Unfortunately, it often stays with one slide, which will, of course, work well. Yet we think it is a missed opportunity. Because what Instagram stories perfectly lend themselves to, is telling a story. So if you really want to use Instagram to promote your blog, start making stories in Instagram stories.

Create Templates For Your Instagram Stories

The fourth tip we give you is about the model for your Instagram stories. The model you use can have a significant impact on the attention your Instagram story will get. To make things easier for yourself, you can develop templates in Canva for your stories. This way you can share the content of your new blog much faster. Using the same model every time can be annoying for your followers, which of course you don’t want. A bit of variation can be desirable.

Then again; maybe your followers do not notice that you use the same template every time or they like that you keep the base the same. For example, look at a brand like Coca-Cola, they changed little. So following the same template is very recognizable for your followers so it will stand out in a crowd. Choose for yourself what the best option is for you.

“Go Live” To Promote Your Blog

Alright, time for the next tip. If you dare, you could “go live” in your stories to discuss the content of your new blog. You can immediately answer questions and tell people why they should read your blog.

Most of your followers receive a notification of this, so you stand out extra. And of course, you can still find your live video for 24 hours through your stories. You can also share the content in (a series of) video stories, of course, which is a bit safer, because you can delete that if they are not good and just start again.

A 60-Second Video On Your Account

It is also not a bad idea to share a video on your account itself, in which you highlight the key points of your new blog post in 60 seconds. That also provides some variation on your profile! And videos start to play automatically, so that again has extra attention value.

Promote Your Posts For More (New) Readers

If you share your blogs on Instagram, you will, of course, reach your existing followers in particular. As a business blogger, you probably want to appeal to a new audience. In addition to using popular hashtags, whereby your post is found by strangers, you can also easily promote your post via the Instagram app. That is possible from a euro a day.

You choose your target group and determine which “button” will be placed with your ad. And that definitely gives you new visitors! What works best for you is a matter of experimentation. You can also advertise in Instagram stories, but for that, you need the Facebook Power Editor or Facebook Advertising Manager. It is currently not possible via the Instagram app itself.


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