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Piercing is one of the ancient styles that had never lost its popularity. Even the trends had forced men to go for piercing. One of the popular piercing styles is Tragus Piercing. But it is very dangerous too. You need to go to a professional piercer to follow tragus piercing ideas. You can follow different sexy tragus piercing ideas. There are number of tragus piercing styles that can be applied to tragus of your ear. Though it is painful, but looks really sexy and lusty. Let us understand tragus piercing deeply.

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Sexy Tragus Piercing Ideas1

Tragus piercing is not at all common like Ear or Nose piercing. Tragus is the part of body, which is located at end of ear. It may be very painful. You need to prepare yourself to bear the pain. Also, you must go to the professional for tragus piercing. Insert the stud or ring on the hole in tragus. You need to take special care of this part after piercing. If the part is not pierced well, it may cause permanent deformity.

Sexy Tragus Piercing Ideas

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  • Once your tragus is pierced, you need to clean it with saline solution. This acts as an agent to minimize the pain intensity. You need to consult piercer regarding the saline solution. It must suit your skin.
  • You must clean your tragus with saline solution twice or thrice a day. Repeat this process for at least a week.
  • Make use of cotton balls that are soaked with antibacterial solution that you apply for cleaning the tragus.
  • You must clean your hands well with antibacterial solution while changing the earrings. Hygiene should be maintained properly.

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  • You must not play around the pierced area. It is highly recommended not to touch the area for 5-7 days or till the day it is healed.
  • You should protect this area as much as you can. It is a vulnerable area, where infection can frequently occur.
  • You must not make use of different jewelries until the wound is healed properly.
  • Do not sleep on the side where tragus had been pierced.

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Tragus Piercing is very painful and must be done by going to a professional tragus piercer. Some of the steps that need to be followed carefully are:

  • Lie down on back and hold your head in still position.
  • You must hold your cartilage in place to avoid damage. A sizeable cock is placed in canal
  • Now the piercer will make hole through the needle. The needle needs to be 18 gauge. The bleeding after it is common.
  • Clean of the wound and insert the tragus jewelry.
  • Now do not experiment with the tragus jewelry on tragus until the tragus region is healed.

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There are number of jewelries that can be used for tragus to make it look attractive. But one must try these jewelries, after the tragus is healed properly. Some of the common jewelries for tragus region are:

  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Barbells
  • Studs

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Try to choose jewelry with smaller area. The jewelry must stick to the hole properly and must be cleaned regularly.

Sexy Tragus Piercing Ideas

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The infection is natural cause of tragus piercing. The tragus region may appear swollen up. The tragus region will take a little time to be healed. Infections may occur in most of the cases, if the tragus region is not take cared of properly. Protect this region from getting wet by water again and again.

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