Challenges of Parenthood: Top Signs You Need a Nanny in Your Life

Before you started a family, you had not a care in the world. Of course, you still had responsibilities but overall, all you had to worry about was yourself. Then, you met the love of your life. You date for a while and then get married; at that point, you’re grocery shopping for two, instead of just one… still, that’s not too big of a transition. Next thing you know, you’re pregnant… life as you knew it was never the same.

Now, this major life change definitely isn’t a bad thing. In fact, lots of mothers say that having children was their life’s greatest accomplishment. The thing to understand about starting a family is that your life will indeed change. The things you used to do, you may not be able to do them anymore, or at least not be able to do them as much as you used to.

There’s plenty of books out there that help women get through their pregnancies and deal with the challenges of parenthood but each parent’s experience is different and no child is the same. There’s really no book that can actually prepare you for the challenges of parenthood; you just have to go through it and learn as you go.

Signs You Need a Nanny in Your Life

The Challenges of Parenthood

The challenges associated with becoming a parent come a dime a dozen. The Huffington Post talks about how parenthood challenges parents physically and emotionally. From the increase in laundry to the sleepless nights, being a parent is no easy task and because of that, you may need to consider hiring help for those parenting challenges. Hiring a nanny will take a tremendous load of stress off of both parents.

A lot of parents fear hiring a nanny because they’re scared of what it will make them look like but it doesn’t make you look any type of way. They say it takes a village, and it really does. You love your child to the moon and back but hiring a nanny just goes to show that you as parents don’t have to go it alone.

Sometimes the stressors of being a parent can get so overwhelming that you don’t have a choice but to seek help. There are things that parents will display or do that are tell-tale signs that they need help. If you’re experiencing any of these signs, then you may want to consider hiring a nanny for support.

You’re Late to Everything

You’re late to work, church, outings with friends, or class… pretty much anything that gets you out of the house, you’re late to it because you got caught up in parenting responsibilities. Now, there are plenty of men and women who have families and are able to be a parent and make it to places on time but maybe you haven’t made it to that stage in parenting yet. As mentioned earlier, no parent is alike and no child is the same but once your tardiness starts affecting your family’s livelihood, it’s time to consider looking for help.

As sad as it is to say, a job will only have sympathy for you for so long before they consider letting you go due to your tardiness. Hiring a nanny will give you the ability to get ready for work without rushing and worrying about job security because you have someone there taking care of your little one.

You Slip Into a Negative Attitude

With being a parent, especially a new parent to a newborn, you are going to endure sleepless nights. The baby will cry and need to be fed every couple of hours. That can weigh very heavy on your mental health. People have bad attitudes in the morning in general because they haven’t had their coffee but imagine not being a morning person and having been up all night trying to care for a newborn!

Once you notice yourself slipping into a state of negativity, you may want to seek therapy. The great thing about therapy is that there are several options for therapy now. If you are having a hard time being able to get out of the house, you can get therapy online. You of course still have the ability to go to an office for therapy as well. Whether you choose to seek help online or in person, a nanny will allow you the time to do that.

You and Your Partner Spend Less Quality Time Together

You and your partner are the foundation for the overall family unit. If you two don’t have a solid foundation, then your family as a whole will fall apart. When you have a baby, everything is about the baby, leaving the two parents more focused on the baby and less on each other.

Whether you’re married or not, it’s important to keep the relationship fun and spicy. Let the nanny take over a couple of nights per month for you and your love to spend some quality time together.

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