5 Signs Your Relationship Is Getting Serious

Whenever anyone embarks on a new relationship, there will always be a rush of excitement in the initial stages. You’re in the company of an individual who gives you butterflies when you chat on the phone, and when you plan a get-together there’s a strong sense of anticipation. Perhaps you’ve been here before with a partner. If dating girls online is a regular thing, you could well have clicked, only for things not to work out after a period of time.

But what if this level of contentment persists? This time you feel you could be getting serious. What are the signs your feelings are developing into something far more romantic than casual?

Signs Your Relationship Is Getting Serious

You don’t just chat … you talk … and talk

It’s one thing to touch base now and again, and indulge in frivolous phone conversations or drop one another jokey texts. But a clear sign matters are starting to develop is when these conversations become far more regular, and also branch into more thoughtful areas. It could be you find yourself discussing subjects like your ideal holiday destinations, or what the benefits of moving in together would be. A surefire indicator you are actually becoming serious with this person is if you feel confident enough to have frank discussions about intimacy. If you can sext each other without any inhibitions, your partnership is clearly going places.

You’ve joined their social circle

Embarking on a new relationship is often a strictly one-on-one scenario. This can quickly escalate as a relationship gather momentum. Have you been introduced to your new partner’s wider friendship circle? Perhaps you’ve received a friend request via someone within their social media circle? Do you find yourself commenting on posts made by people you didn’t know until recently, but have got to know after being in their company several times? Of course, one of the biggest giveaways is if you have been invited to meet their immediate family.

Online dating is consigned to history


A clear sign your partnership has evolved to the next level is when you make the decision to commit to what you have. People in newfound relationships often hedge their bets, keeping their online dating profiles open just in case things don’t work out. So an obvious sign you are choosing monogamy over a backup plan is when you decide to close all your online dating accounts.

You want to share … everything

When you have someone new in your life and wish them to become an integral part of it, there will be a tendency of wishing to share as much as possible with this person. This can cover a variety of issues. When it comes to social media, you well go against the cardinal IT security request of never sharing your passwords! In an increasingly committed relationship, it is only natural you do have knowledge of one another’s private details, allowing you to join in Instagram posts or Twitter comments. Sharing in a wider sense might cover a variety of other aspects, such as taking part in your partner’s hobbies or interests. You might well find yourself participating in things you had never considered before and enjoying it.

It’s all about spontaneity

Relationships are often categorized by a degree of formality over areas like planning dates. If you are still not quite on the same wavelength, these might often need to be arranged well in advance. But if your relationship is truly getting serious, a much more spontaneous element will enter the proceedings. You’ll feel far more like springing surprises on them.

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