6 Effective But Simple Rules For Healthy Hair

Do you struggle to keep your hair in good condition? Have you tried every product on the market and every revolutionary new hair care technique, without success? If so, often the best thing to do is keep it simple. Going back to basics with your hair care routine could mean you finally get the results you’ve longed for. Just follow these simple rules.

Simple Rules For Healthy Hair

Brush more

It’s amazing how much good brushing can do for your hair. The key is to have a good brush – it is worth investing in one – and to use the right technique. Start at the tip of each strand and work slowly with downward strokes to remove tangles as gently as possible. Once your locks are tangle-free, work down from the roots with firm strokes that invigorate your scalp and carry natural oils along the full length of your hair. This helps to prevent oil from building up on your scalp, where it can cause infections and keeps the ends of your hair from getting dry and then splitting.

Wash less

If there’s one thing you’re certain can help your hair, it’s regular washing, right? Well, not quite. Most people wash their hair far too often – unless it’s particularly oily, just two or three times a week is best. This means that you’re not stripping out those all-important natural oils, which leaves hair dry and fragile. Brushing will keep dirt from building up to cause dullness and will ensure that your hair continues to feel light and look healthy. When you do wash, pat your hair dry rather than rubbing or blow drying it, which can cause damage.

Use the right products

Everybody’s hair is subtly different, so you need to find the right products for your hair type. If it’s oily, you’ll need an astringent shampoo to draw away excess oil, especially from the scalp, and a conditioner designed to restore balance. If your hair is dry, you’ll need a gentle shampoo and a conditioner designed to infuse each strand with healthy oils and moisture. If your hair is thinning, you’ll find that, as this interesting pin from Viabrance shows, there are products that can help to restore it and rebuild length. Unlike many restorative treatments, Viabrance is safe and effective for women.

Use protection

Hair comes under a lot of strain day to day from the world around us and the things we do to it, so give yours the protection it needs. Keep heat treatments to a minimum and if you must use them, apply a heat-protective spray first. Avoid using bleach-based products unless you feel they’re essential to your style. Wear a hat or scarf if you’re out in the hot sun and if you spend a lot of time downtown or in heavily polluted environments, consider a spray designed to shield your hair against chemical damage.

Avoid strain

Some popular styles can put your hair under serious strain. There isn’t a safe way to do cornrows, which often cause hair loss over time, but if you use tight braids you can ease the strain by leaving them a little loose at the roots. If you braid your hair overnight to avoid matting or tangling, a loose braid will do as well as a tight one and cause less damage. Be especially careful about styling when your hair is wet as this is when it is at its most fragile. If you like to pull your hair back into a bun or ponytail for a sharp look, try to leave it loose some of the time when you’re at home.

Eat well

It might surprise you how much impact your diet can have on your hair. To grow strongly and healthily hair needs quite a variety of nutrients. Eating lots of different fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains make it much easier for it to get what it needs. At the very least, try to eat fortified breakfast cereal. Multivitamins are not nearly as effective because you won’t absorb them as effectively as with food that is eaten at different times of the day. Make sure you drink plenty of water as hair needs natural hydration to look good, just like skin does.

By following these simple rules you can bring tired locks back to life and keep them in good condition from day today. Haircare doesn’t need to be complicated. You’ll be amazed by how quickly simplifying your routine gets results.

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