135 Small Tattoo Designs With Powerful Meaning

Small Tattoo Designs With Powerful Meaning

Here are some newly added small tattoo designs with powerful meaning.

Cute Lady Bugs: Pretty Adorable!

Ladybug tattoo design stands for love, romance, and close bonding. Ladies! You will simply love the subtle color variation, the shaded part, shimmery effect and the fact that the design is truly inspirational. This is a tattoo you’ll be proud of throughout your life!!

Dragonflies: Symbol of Freedom!

Aren’t, ‘DRAGONFLIES ON NECK’ sound something really sweet and stylish, right? This tattoo idea proves to be among the most impressive small tattoo designs with powerful meaning as dragonflies represent freedom. Adding vibrant colors to the wings of dragonflies make them look more realistic. So, don’t hesitate…try to add as much as you can!!

Scattered Stars: Gloomy Life!

This tattoo looks great on fair skin. Use your imagination and be as much creative as you can to make the tattoo look super cute on your neck. Scattered stars tattoo design signifies positivity and happiness in your life.

Angel Wings: Free to Fly!

Gals! If you are looking for a temporary tat, then angel wings tattoo design is the best choice. This beautiful and delicate tattoo design looks lovely only on the inner wrist. You may also find this tattoo inked on the back of some people. Well, the use of dark colors makes the tattoo stand out of the crowd.

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Dotted Bow: Got Hitched!

A small bow tattoo design is gal’s favorite, yes! Getting hitched with your beloved, don’t forget to a bow. The size and delicacy of the tattoo makes your even day more special and looks graceful on the wrist or neck area. The tattoo symbolizes that you are committed in a relationship.

Cool Map Design: Reminder!

Looking for small tattoo designs with powerful meaning…Well, how can you forget to add a simple map tattoo design that reminds you about important life events and time periods? Guys and gals are extremely fond of this design with its delicate lines and cool details.

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