30 Small Tattoos for Travelers with Meanings

So, you are a traveler by heart, soul, and dreams. And you don’t mind traveling all the time. Going to new places, meeting new people and mingling with them always excite you. And that is why you want your love for travel to reflect on everything you do. Well, the best way to let people know how much you love traveling is by getting a tattoo etched that screams out loud about your craze for traveling. Here are some of the most amazing ideas for Small Tattoos for Travelers with Meanings. Check out-

Small Tattoos for Travelers with Meanings

Small Tattoos for Travelers with Meanings

A cute small map

There is no better way to show your love for traveling than getting a cute small map etched on your back or arm or any other visible part of the body. Small Tattoos for Travelers with Meanings like this one have a huge frenzied fan base.

Want to be a wanderlust?

If you consider yourself emerged in wanderlust because you love traveling then getting this word tattooed on you your body would be the best bet. Wanderlust, in straight simple words, means a strong desire to travel, which you can reflect well with a wanderlust tattoo.

Proud to be a traveler?

If you love to travel with or without money, and even if it’s just for the sake of it, then you are a hardcore traveler for sure. Getting the word ‘traveller’ etched on your skin, is going to give a never-before boost to your traveling spirits.

Set the compass right

A compass signifies travel. Whether it’s in ships or aircrafts, it’s the compass that tells directions. If you understand the value of a compass for a traveler, then you can get a compass tattoo done on your body in honor of every traveler’s love for travel.

Zip-away in an aircraft

One of the most common Small Tattoos for Travelers with Meanings is an airplane, which symbolizes travel. And getting an airplane tattoo is the most obvious way to tell the world that you are crazy about traveling.

Let the monument speak

When you get a tattoo of some famous monument from someplace etched on your body, it shows how much you value it, and how much you love that region, country or continent to which the monument belongs. For instance, people who love Paris get an Eiffel tower etched on their skin as a tribute to their love for the same.

Get the numbers on

The latitude and longitude of your favorite place can be on your skin in the form of a tattoo. This is a popular tattoo design that shows your love for that place or for traveling as a whole.

That earthy feel

Your limitless love for travel can very well be expressed with an earth tattoo. The earth is where all the places you have gone to and can ever go to belong. And that is why the earth tattoo should be your choice when you want it to reflect your love for places and people. If you love to get inked specifically on arms, then, you must check some purposeful Tattoo designs for Arms.

A Cute arrow

An arrow means direction. So, when you get an arrow etched on your skin, you indirectly tell people that you are always on the go, or you love to keep moving from places to places.

The adorable ship tattoo

Ships signify long amusing voyages. And that is why getting such a tattoo can mean you are interested in making such a long voyage. You can also put your travel love on display with this tattoo.

Miles to go

This is an amazing phrase to get written at the nape of your neck. You can get this tattoo done on any other visible body part so as to make this known to people that you have a keen interest in traveling.

Let the briefcase do the talking

A typical briefcase indicates travel. It’s not just in the field of art where a briefcase means travel, briefcases mean the same thing wherever they are used as a symbol. A briefcase tattoo on the side of your neck can look quite appealing.

A cute paper plane with a dotted tail

Have you ever seen people flaunting this tattoo? If yes, you must have wondered what this means. This tattoo on someone’s body means that they love to travel. So, get this tattoo done and show off your love for travel.


The word ‘Go’ with the ‘o’ in the shape of a globe is a tattoo design idea you can try out without apprehensions, especially if you are a travel enthusiast. It looks amazing and instantly adds fun to your personality.

Wings to fly!

Wings indicate that you are free spirited. Besides, it means that you have a kind of weakness for traveling. Don’t forget to check some great angel wings tattoo designs too.

If these tattoos have put you on confusion about picking the right one, or should you go with specific travel tattoo or not, then, you can check another collection of small tattoo designs with their actual meanings. These meaningful tattoos can fit set with your life ethics, rules and lifestyle as well.

These Small Tattoos for Travelers with Meanings are a great choice for any globetrotter. And because they look cute besides being easy to create, you can get one on without much thought and apprehensions.

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