A Complete Guide to Accurate Solutions to Love Relationship Problems

A love relationship is not just about the love talking and happiness and smiles and kisses and hugs and sex. With the everlasting growing love there comes a widened scope of fights teaching you more and more about your partner. The problems will come and you have to fight them back together (after you know how to stop fighting with each other). And tell you what; solving a problem is not that tough! Every Guide to Accurate Solutions to Love Relationship Problems is just a business of one little gesture of APOLOGIZING and KEEPING CALM!

It is possible that you didn’t do or say anything disrespectful towards your other significant but he was in a bad shape and so he contoured his bad mood into anger. It is possible that he wasn’t feeling great that day and was expecting you to make him calm down and not shout back, isn’t it? Now, if you shout back; you will have a world war III happening at your house unfortunately. Instead keeping calm will make him calm after he utters a few bad things. And your relationship would reach a step ahead towards successful one.

Learning a few psychology moves in this must read section at Spellcaster maxim will definitely solve your personal love life issues and other queries as well. Understanding the psychology changes and thus, solves 80% of the problems and 20% is how you deal with them. Buying books will also help explaining you every psychological fact relating to your behavior and do’s & don’ts in a love relationship.

Guide to Accurate Solutions to Love Relationship Problems

Improve the Communication

It won’t be wrong to say that you must actually book an appointment to actually work the problem out by sitting and having a deep discussion on it. Oops, make sure that you close the door of arguments entering from the doors of discussion. Sensitive topics and complains that you have with your partner has to be kept in front of them calmly and peacefully. Out of the busy lifestyles and different schedules it becomes tougher to manage and take out some time just of you and your other significant with the talks of no one else but you two.


Listening skills that are vigorous is a good thing to be developed. In a relationship, it is not just about speaking it is more of listening as well. Time comes when your partner would want to say it all and want you to just listen! Show him or her that you are listening. Make an eye contact while talking and so attentiveness since this would also make you know his psychological traits as the experts tell in Spellcaster Maxim.

Don’t Blame! Start with “I”

Starting the topic with “You” sentences will make your partner feel like you are blaming him for all the bad reasons. I absolutely don’t telling you to not make him aware of his mistakes. Just start with where you were wrong first and then slowing move in to tell him his mistakes that made you feel bad. Hot mind has to be watered and iced before beginning to talk.

Appreciating is Important

Appreciate him as much as possible and being manipulative if you want to tell him something negative about his behavior is the need. For instance, if you want to complain about the way keeps his shoes after returning from work; say “I would really appreciate if you don’t throw the shoes like that. Arranging them at the right place is a good thing, isn’t it?”


No matter if you are at fault or not; APOLOGIZE! Yeah, not always! Sometime may come when you won’t feel like taking the first step towards solving certain issue. Creating that chemistry between you and your significant one will take time and you have to proceed first.

Keeping the promising and surprising them and being romantic and loving forever like it is the last day on earth is what keeps a relations enlivened. Not indulging into the personal spaces of your spouse is also a helpful advice which cannot be neglected. Relations are god’s gift and one must take care of it by understanding every cell of your spouse.

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