Stem Cells – The Final Frontier In Skin Care?

Developments in skincare technology have been huge the last few years, and the industry is showing no signs of slowing down. The next big thing? Stem cell therapy.

Stem cells have been around for a while, as the subject of medical research into cures for conditions such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. But now they’re coming to a counter near you like skincare products; creams, serums and more. There is one key difference we should mention – medicine is working with human stem cells, and skincare with plant stem cells (and occasionally animal stem cells). However, the principle remains the same and stem cell serum benefits could be enormous.

Stem Cells – The Final Frontier In Skin Care?

How it works

In humans, stem cells are an early form of cell that can divide rapidly before becoming specialized. They serve a similar function in plants. The proteins present in these cells can encourage our own cells to rejuvenate, which results in younger-looking skin. Stem cells also contain naturally occurring antioxidants and increase collagen production to keep the skin looking plump and smooth. This means fewer fine lines and wrinkles, plus improved skin texture and tone.

Skincare products do not usually contain living stem cells, but stem cell extracts – these still renew and repair the skin, but they’re not going to start multiplying into new skin cells. They’re from plants – and while stem cells are wonderful, they’re not able to transform from plant to human. Skincare stem cells are also not ‘living’ cells.

So why plant-based stem cells? Put simply, using plant cells eliminates the risk of transmitting human or animal diseases while still repairing the skin at the deep, cellular level other skincare products can’t penetrate.

Many dermatologists now swear by the efficacy of stem cell therapies – they have the potential to repair skin cells, protect the skin from external stressors such as the environment, and leave you looking more youthful. Their ability to penetrate down to the cellular level also delivers a huge moisture boost and makes sure the reparative agents they contain are getting to where they need to go.

Choosing your stem cell product

As with any new skincare regime, you should do a bit of research into the best product for your skin type before buying and take into account any particular ingredient sensitivities that you have – stem cell products are just as diverse as any other product on the market. If in doubt, ask your dermatologist. Take care of any product you find made from animal stem cells, as these have less research attached to them than plant-based stem cell products.

Once you have your products, you need to commit to using them regularly – even the most fantastic skincare doesn’t work if you don’t use it properly.

You should also ask your dermatologist about other products and treatments that may help you boost your results – stem cell treatments have been proven to work well alongside cosmetic procedures including botox, fillers, and micro-needling with platelet-rich plasma. Want more options? Visit for some of the top skincare products.

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