7 Symptoms of Pregnancy to Keep in Mind

Getting pregnant is one of the top excitement for any woman that too when you are more expecting it. You might be busy with the daily routines that you might miss out to check the health conditions. But when you are expecting your pregnancy it is better to be prepared and watch out for your health and detect it as early as possible. Also, you will also avoid having embarrassments during pregnancy and the changes in the first trimester. Here are a few symptoms of pregnancy to keep in mind when you are expecting your pregnancy.

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Most probably, this set of symptoms will allow you to take pre-care of your health and the baby too. Don’t Forget, any carelessness while pregnancy could affect both mother and baby. Pregnancy is a very important part of women’s life so, husbands should do their best to feel the wife comfortable.

Symptoms of Pregnancy to Keep in Mind

Missing out periods

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Though this is one of the biggest symptoms of pregnancy to keep in mind, there are many other factors as well to miss out your periods.

  • Though skipping your periods is an acute symptom for your pregnancy, for someone stress could also be a major factor to miss out periods.
  • Missing out periods can alert you to check whether you have got your pregnancy.
  • Missing your periods will be even due to extreme and sudden weight loss or gain.
  • Though missing your periods is an important symptom and a symptom that everybody has to go through, there are few symptoms that indicate the woman is pregnant even before she could miss her periods.


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This is one of the important symptoms of pregnancy to keep in mind.

  • This is applicable to only certain women. This might not be the case for every woman. Spotting is the term used to indicate the bleeding that happens when the egg gets implanted in the uterus.
  • This can be mistaken for periods as well.
  • It is bliss to be informed of such happenings during your pregnancy.
  • There are cases where the pregnant women get spotting throughout her pregnancy.


Beautiful young woman looking depressed

Every woman tends to get exhausted during pregnancy. This prominent feel of the body are the symptoms of pregnancy to keep in mind and it’s a time that you rediscover yourself.

  • The pregnant woman feels exhausted because there would be hormonal changes happening within her body.
  • Lots of sleep and moderate exercises can prevent a pregnant women’s body from being exhausted.
  • The exhaustion also leads to a lot of mood swings as well. It is the duty of the spouse to take care of the pregnant women to keep her cool.
  • Meditation is another best remedy to get rid of exhaustion while pregnancy.


Stomach issues.

This is supposed to be the famous symptoms of pregnancy. Almost every woman will start feeling nausea in the first trimester of their pregnancy.

  • This is also called and accompanied by morning sickness. This usually tends to show off symptoms during early morning hours.
  • The pregnant woman tends to hate smell and fragrances and even a few tastes.
  • You might develop some throwing up sensation as well. Most women used to throw up a lot during morning hours.

Body temperature

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Feeling exhausted is also accompanied by a slight increase in temperature in the woman’s body when she gets pregnant. This is also one of the early symptoms and symptoms of pregnancy.

  • The rise in body temperature is also again due to hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy.
  • The rise in body temperature also is accompanied by headaches and backaches. Though backaches usually tend to get extended in the second and third trimesters as well.

Tenderness in the breast area

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Pregnancy changes and affects the health of a woman. It does few bodily changes as well.

  • The breast area tends to get softer and tender during pregnancy.
  • This is a symptom of pregnancy and will be felt by every woman.
  • But all these changes get reverted once delivery of the baby happens.

Frequent urination

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This is a symptom of pregnancy that lasts for the whole pregnancy tenure.

  • There would be frequent urination which has resulted in changes in few hormones secretion
  • In fact, the pants tend to get wet suddenly due to uncontrolled urination. This is a symptom of pregnancy and some precautions can be taken beforehand to avoid embarrassments.
  • This is not a behavior to get worried instead can be well handled by simple techniques.

And during your pregnancy period, it’s very much important to take record of every moment you make. To experience one of the lovable moment is to feel the baby’s heartbeat, which is possible only after 14 weeks. You can click here to know better about 14 weeks pregnant & everything about what to expect, about diet etc.

Have you figured out that you’re pregnant? Click here to learn about pregnancy safe skincare.

For all these symptoms of pregnancy and complications made during pregnancy, it is advisable and is good to consult the doctor for each move of a pregnant woman. Each woman’s body is unique as they are and the body tends to behave in different patterns for every woman. These might be some common symptom but it will be definitely specific to each woman. It will be great to get into a pregnancy class done almost in all places these days. But it’s just a matter that you discover you are pregnant with the symptoms keeping in mind.

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