The Foolproof Ways to Embrace Your Body Shape

If you look good, you feel good. That’s why dressing for your body shape is so important. This guide will not only help you understand your body’s unique shape but will also give you some quick tips for finding clothing that flatters you. Let’s start by identifying different body types:

Hourglass Shape

Hourglass bodies are synonymous with a curvy figure, having a smaller waist with a top that is flattering and proportionate to the bottom. For that reason, most consider hourglass figures to be the sexiest and most attractive type of body that women can have.

Fashion Tips for Hourglass figures:

  • Wear A-line skirts or dresses to widen your hips
  • Accessories should not be your focus — you should be the focal point.
  • Land length tops are flattering, and they are in fashion now
  • Find a top with an empire waist and a ruffle or pleat at the bottom to add volume to your bust
  • Look for tops with ruffles or gathers at the waist
  • Choose a top with a v-neck that is not too deep (you don’t want to draw attention to your chest)

Buying clothes to flatter your hourglass shape is quite easy. First, embrace the shape itself by wearing pieces that emphasize your slim midsection, and utilize color and pattern to create a slimming effect in other areas.

Apple Shape

Apple body shape is a term used to describe people who have narrow shoulders and an evenly proportioned trunk and hips. There are three subtypes of the apple body type: Inverted-T, Double-bubble, and Root.

Fashion Tips:

  • Choose a top that fits snugly across the bust and then flares out at the bottom
  • Choose a top with a high neckline to define the shape of your upper body
  • Choose a top with sleeves to give the illusion of smaller arms
  • Choose a long skirt or pants to elongate your legs
  • Choose shoes with a large heel to give the illusion of longer legs

Apple-shaped women have an hourglass figure with a short straight torso and smaller hips. If you have an apple shape, then you’ll look really nice in dresses. This type of clothing will helps balance out your curves and highlight your best features.

Pear Shape

Women with pear shapes have hip measurements that are greater than their bust measurements. They typically have wide hips and narrow shoulders. This shape generally has full buttocks and thighs that gradually taper into the small waist. Pear-shaped women will have an hourglass figure with a narrow waist and full hips and thighs that start to taper away from the lower body.

Fashion Tips:

  • Find a dress, skirt, shorts, or trousers that draw attention towards your chest, and then draw attention away from the hips
  • Pick tops and dresses with a fitted waist that has plenty of room around the hips
  • Wear clothes that emphasize your waist, such as a tank top
  • To draw attention away from your hips, avoid wearing patterns or stripes
  • Wear a belt around the natural waist to emphasize your shape

Many once considered Pear-shaped bodies as less attractive than hourglass figures or apple shapes, but recently these body types are becoming more desirable in modern times. If you’re a curvy pear-shaped woman, you can choose between a variety of clothing options since you have wider hips and narrower waists.

Inverted Triangle Shape

The inverted triangle is one of the most common female body shapes. While having a small waist and larger hips, your figure looks wide from the front but narrows at the waist. Most characterize this shape with an abundant bust and high-set thighs. Having an inverted triangle shape makes you look wide from the front but narrows at the waist.

Fashion Tips:

  • Find a stylist to help you find flattering clothes
  • Wear clothes that fit, that makes you look thinner.
  • Wear blazers to cover up your broad shoulders and a body-conscious dress to show off your slim waist
  • Wear bright colors — they will bring out the color in your face and make it look slimmer
  • Wear lighter colors on the top and darker colors on the bottom — it will draw attention upwards

To look good in clothes, you’ll want to avoid anything that emphasizes your bust or extends your torso. Instead, choose shapes that offer balance by drawing attention to your shoulders and putting more flow through your hips.

Rectangle Shape

Rectangle-shaped bodies are longer, with wider shoulders and narrower hips. The torso is relatively long, with a little taper from chest to waist. The legs are straight and parallel, with a slight curve at the knee and thigh. The ankle is of moderate length. Depending on height, we may perceive weight differently.

Fashion Tips:

  • Focus on dressing the top half of your body to create the illusion of a more curvy waist
  • Wear horizontal stripes to give the impression of curves
  • Wear a long skirt to make the legs look longer
  • Wear clothes that are high on the waist and that covers your backside
  • Try v-necks to draw attention up to your neck and shoulders
  • Try to avoid wearing clothing that is too tight
  • Use accessories or clothes to help draw attention away from your mid-section and draw it up to your shoulders and neck

Rectangle-shaped women tend to feel the most confident when wearing A-line dresses. These silhouettes are not too tight around the bust or waist and flow easily around the hips. When looking for summer dresses, find styles that fall just below the knee, and look for fitted sleeves. V-neck tops and 3/4 length sleeves work well to accentuate your best features.

Learning how to style your body and shop for flattering clothes can take time, but it’s not as difficult as it seems. When you know how to emphasize your figure, you can build a wardrobe tailored to accentuate your best features, from casual garments to evening wear.

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