6 Tips For Keeping Your Partner Fall In Love With You, Again and Again

Enamored, captured and charmed, that’s what we are when we are romantically in love. It’s one of the best feelings a person can have. If you are in a loving relationship right now, then good for you. It is something to be treasured and never taken for granted. Loving your partner to the fullest is one thing, but keeping then fall in love with you, again and again, is one step forward.

If you are a self-confessed hopeless romantic then you probably have a few tricks up your sleeves. Keeping your special someone feeling in love every time you guys are together is nothing new to you. But if you need a little bit of help then please read on for the tips that will keep them skip a heartbeat.

Tips For Keeping Your Partner Fall In Love With You

Travel Together

Traveling is great not only for creating wonderful memories, but also to strengthen your bond, share new experiences and learn new things about one another – all are recipes to make you fall in love with each other again. It refreshes your relationship in a way because the two of you are in a different setting. It is a break from a routine, which can be boring.

Dress To Impress

You have probably reached the level where you can kiss each other even without brushing your teeth. You guys are officially in love with one another if that is the case. But in order to keep them falling for you, you need to impress – just like the days where you were just getting to know each other.

Not only do you get to improve yourself and always be the best version of you whenever, but it also makes them swoon whenever he or she sees you.

Smile, Smile, and Smile

Smiling can instantly make you happy. The act itself prompts your brain to order a certain hormone that promotes good mood in your system. And smiling is contagious as well. When you smile to people, they are likely to smile back at you. When you smile to your partner, they will definitely smile back and will feel a little bit of flirting which brings back the memories when you guys are on the wooing stage.

Show Vulnerability

Showing vulnerability does not mean you are going to display helplessness and being needy, it is more about discussing delicate information, past trauma, and childhood memories that sometimes explain your decisions in life. When you are seen vulnerable, people tend to get closer to you. That is because they see a part of you in them and that makes them closer to you.

When you show it to your partner, they immediately go to rescue mode, understand your situation and reinforce their love for you with the guidance of knowing your history.

Surprise Them

As they say, it’s not the gift but the thought that counts. Surprise them with a gift, an act of love or anything that shows your affection even though it is technically an ordinary day. Celebrating anniversary and relationship milestones is one thing, but celebrating life and your love every day is something.

You can surprise them with a date, a party or even a breakfast in bed. Cook a dish for them made from love from the bottom of your heart.

Do Something Exciting

Do an adrenaline junkie activity that both of you can do. Sky diving, rappelling, or bungee jumping are undertakings that promote hormones in your body that gives the same effect as having sex, falling in love or being high. If you do something like this together, for sure you are going to associate the same feeling towards one another.

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