5 Tips for Your Hair During The Hot Months Ahead

Throughout the year, you probably take the best supplements for hair growth and find other ways to build your hair. However, the sun and heat of the summer months can negatively impact your hair. The heat dries it out while the sun’s UV rays encourage frizz and breakage. Therefore, these are some tips to help you protect your hair during the hot months ahead.

Stay Hydrated

One of the best things you can do for your hair during the summer includes drinking lots of water. Like the rest of your body, your scalp and hair needs proper hydration. Because your body is well-hydrated, it shares necessary water and nutrients with your hair, so your roots can push it through your hair evenly, preventing dry, brittle, rough strands and a dry, flaky scalp.

Protect Your Hair From Harmful Rays

Your hair and scalp are especially susceptible to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Therefore, to prevent hair damage, wear scarves and hats to protect it. Not only are they fashion accessories, but a silk scarf can add a layer of protection. A wide-brimmed hat also protects the delicate skin of your face and neck.

Many hair products also have ingredients that protect your scalp and hair from the sun. However, find those that do not have harsh or toxic chemicals or rub sunscreen into your hands and draw them through your hair. Finally, to protect your hair from the sun and prevent split ends and sweating, tie it up in a stylish hairdo. However, avoid making them too tight because this can damage your hair and follicles.

Hair Serums for Hydration & Strength

Hair serums include special formulations for different hair challenges. For example, hair serum for growth has ingredients that strengthen hair strands and roots, repair follicles and encourage growth. Some serums actually include UV-protective ingredients. They also condition the hair and prevent further damage. Apply serums using a comb, brush or your fingers, and don’t massage them into your scalp.

Get a Trim and a New Hairstyle

Start your summer with a nice trim. Get rid of damaged ends that can continue to split up your hair strands. You should find your hair more manageable. Also, avoid using heated products, such as curling irons and blow dryers, as much as possible. These tools damage and dry your hair out. Instead, choose a cut and style that is more natural and easier to manage.

Add Moisture Treatments

Summer heat can make you feel sweaty and your hair feel oily, encouraging you to wash your hair more frequently. Although you should always remove chlorine from the pool immediately, avoid washing your hair too much because it will dry it out quickly.

You should also consider adding an oil massage that increases blood flow to your scalp and moisturizes your hair. Natural oils such as coconut, olive and sweet almond are beneficial, and you can add essential oils that improve hair and speed growth. Don’t forget to deep condition your cuticles for added moisture.

As you take steps to protect your hair during the hot months, don’t forget to nourish it from the inside as well. Hair supplement Nutrafol can give your hair the nutrients and vitamins it needs to stay healthy.

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