Do you feel like you’re not getting enough done at work? Productivity means you accomplish things promptly and properly. Working smarter is just as important as working harder. These are some tips on being more productive at work.

Tips On Being More Productive At Work

Get Good Rest

You can’t possibly expect to be productive if you’re lethargic. If you’re missing out on sleep or tossing and turning all night, it’s going to affect your work performance. Discipline yourself by getting to bed early. Consider how your bed might be affecting your sleep performance. Your mattress should be firm but comfortable. You also need comfortable sheets and pillows. By modifying your sleep situation, your wakefulness situation will be much better.

Eat Healthy

Food is energy, and a lack of nutrition can make you crash. Though it might give you a boost to eat something unhealthy for a second, that feeling can quickly go away. Instead of eating fatty foods or ones full of refined sugar, get plenty of lean protein and vitamins. Having things like nuts by your desk can give you instant energy while working. You should also make sure to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Don’t Multi-Task

In theory, multitasking should work. However, it does nothing for productivity. Instead of doing one thing correctly, you end up doing a lot of things incorrectly. Train yourself to not multi-task in any way. If you need to send an email, put your full attention to it. If a co-worker has a question, turn away from your computer and listen to them. Your brain needs to stay focused in order to perform at its optimal level.

Take Breaks

Being productive isn’t about pushing yourself to your limits until you collapse. Taking breaks is just as important as anything else. Go to lunch when you can and clear your mind. If you need to get up and use the restroom, get some water, or just clear your mind, do so. Your mental health depends on the kindness you bring to yourself.

Plan Ahead

So much time can be wasted trying to figure out what to do first. Before you leave for the day, write down what you need to get done the next day. Log your process on current projects and what steps need to be taken. You should also write down ones that you want to get started. Then, when you arrive at work the next day, you can jump right into things and work at a much more efficient rate.

Set Goals

Without knowing what goals you want to reach; you’ll have difficulty staying productive. Your goals need to be achievable and meaningful. That’s going to help you focus on what is important rather than what isn’t. Space your goals out so that you’re not putting too much pressure on yourself, as that can lead to rushing through things and unsatisfying results.

Put Your Phone Away

It might not be fun to hear, but you have to put work before pleasure. Looking at your phone for “just a second” can mean a day wasted if you’re doing so every five minutes. To help avoid temptation, put your phone out of sight while working. When you’re locked into tasks, you’ll find that the day goes by much faster and you enjoy it much more compared to being glued to your phone.


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