What are the DO NOTs of Male Fashion?

There is a common thinking associated with our minds that Fashion is something which is mostly related to females. But, this fact isn’t true. Men styling and their fashion statements are equally discussed and noticed round the world. A perfect combination of male fashion makes them look truly like a gentleman.

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Men are a little care-free about their clothing and styling whereas females are highly obsessed with the same. Following are some DO NOTs of Male Fashion, which should be taken care of.

DO NOTs of Male Fashion

A half-sleeve shirt and a tie

DO NOTs of Male Fashion1

This is something that is concluded as a low-class outfit. If you work in a food-chain restaurant, then you can try this combination. But as far as you trying to look professional and smart, only wear full sleeves shirt with a tie. Those who love to wear formal outfits should give a check to the dynamic collection of classy business suits for men.

Wrong color selection

DO NOTs of Male Fashion2

The colors of your clothes should be in contrast with your skin tone.

Too many colors in your single outfit

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There is definitely a clear difference in male fashion and female fashions. You should be able to distinguish in the same. Wearing too many colors in a single outfit after being a guy would bring negative compliments to you. Try to limit the number of colors in your single outfit up to three.

Excess of jewelry

DO NOTs of Male Fashion4

The only jewelry for a man is watches that go along with your outfits. If you are married, then a wedding ring can also be added to this list. Only rock stars can handle rings in all fingers, bands, bracelets, funky chains and necklaces. All these are extremely loud and tacky sometimes. Wear the right jewelry in right proportion. And if you love to wear accessories then, it’s better to go with some classy accessories which add high class to your status.

Nails accumulating dirt

DO NOTs of Male Fashion5

Personal hygiene is very important. Your personality is judged by the way you maintain your hygiene. Some men just don’t care about their nails. The nails are not trimmed properly. There is dirt accumulated in them. It is a big DO NOT of male fashion

Clothes with wrinkles

DO NOTs of Male Fashion6

It gives a poor impression of yours. If you keep your clothes wrinkle-free, it shows the value you give to your clothes and reflects a great fashion sense in you. But, if your clothes are wrinkled, it shows your lazy attitude and mishandling of your attires. You should always try to hang your clothes properly in your cupboards. Never throw them here and there after use.

Poor hairstyles

DO NOTs of Male Fashion7

Hair is the first thing which catches attention of the people. It is most probably the one area which can bring a lot of change in your personality. You can try experimenting with it many times. You should try something new every season and get your hairs chopped in combination to your face cut and your looks.

Excess use of deodorants, perfumes and colognes

DO NOTs of Male Fashion8

The simple way of putting them is spraying on your necks and under your armpits. You should be aware of the strength of the colognes you using.

These were some great points of DO NOTs of male fashion. Try to follow them when next time you style and get ready for important occasions.

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