What Women find attractive in Men: Best Traits

Congrats! You are in love. You have finally found that woman you wish to spend your whole life with. You feel like smiling throughout the day just because she greeted you ‘Good Morning’. You seem to be on cloud number nine whenever she invited you for a dinner date. But, does it mean that she feels the same for you?

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Getting her to be your soul mate is another significant hurdle you need to cross. Before you get on your knee, you need to know yourself so as to make sure that you are blessed with the qualities she dreams of in her another significant. What women find attractive in men has become a matter of research since the moon existed. These are the traits what women find attractive in men which will help you prove her that you two are made for each other.

What Women find attractive in Men

With brains? Or only banging?

What Women find attractive in Men1

Yeah, looks are important but what matters to a much greater extent is ‘Intelligence’. A man who is clear-sighted is aesthetically pleasing and irresistible to women.

  • In fact, humor comes out of the gray matter. A humorous guy can make her feel confident about any situation. If you ate having a great sense of witty humor, she will feel assured that you won’t let the smile on her face go.
  • An introvert and low self-esteemed man can never succeed in making her realize his ability of doing anything and everything for their future. Be confident enough to put your natural self in front of her so that her heart forces her to appreciate your vibe.

Say ‘No’ to ego: Respect

What Women find attractive in Men2

Avoid being egoistic as it can take her far away from you. Instead, try to be friendly and approachable so that she could speak her mind in front of you. Won’t you love treating your dream girl like princess of all the hearts? Loving her comes later; what comes first is how you respect her. Pulling chair while sitting together will make her feel heart swing with happiness. Show respect not only for her, but also for everyone irrespective of the age, status or looks. Women wishes to be with the one who will respect and protect her parents as well and will treat them as the part of his family forever.

Being affectionate and charming

What Women find attractive in Men3

Women appreciate the one helping an aged person to cross the road. They just can’t stop their mind from noticing a radiant man playing with a child. Make sure you have not forgotten the fact that a child is most truthful and honest of all. Do depict a child as she would love to care for you like your mother! Don’t fail to create cute little surprises letting her fall into the fantasy world. A bouquet of flowers or chocolates will do wonders for sure!

Stay handsome!

What Women find attractive in Men4

‘First impression is the last impression’. Agreed? Eyes do run faster than our brains. Women have got certain intellectual tendencies by the virtue of which they can make smart perceptions about men merely after the first sight. Boy, you need to have that one thing which could make her look at you twice. Your dressing sense, beard, and hairstyle everything is under keen observation. Smile helps her approach you as it shares a sense of intimate and close relationship.

B +ve, not the blood group but the attitude

What Women find attractive in Men5

No doubt, women are more mature and quite good at handling complex situations at times; but it can never be possible unless you share your positivity.

Self confidence and her faith over you can only be achieved by staying positive. She would definitely feel like falling for you knowing that you will catch her and won’t let her heart break if you are pretty sure to be with her forever.

Being ambitious counts

What Women find attractive in Men6

You need to grab her heart and soul by proving that you have got all the extraordinary virtuoso of achieving whatever you desire to. Women do love men with vivacious goals for the life as it a clear indication of practical mindset and maturity. Though she loves to be self-dependent, your aims for the future can be one of the major reasons behind her redefined success.

Listen to what she says

Smiling couple having tea outdoors

Giving your ear won’t be enough but giving your mind also counts. Don’t just listen to what she is saying but actually listen to what she is not saying. This sounds stupid?

  • Understanding one’s emotions and appreciating one’s thoughts and allowing the mutual bonding to get deeply rooted adds up to your positive vibes.
  • Do remember the memories or the past experience that she had shared with you so as to let her know about your passion for her.

The Forbidden fruit

What Women find attractive in Men8

‘Sex’ is a much broader perspective of love which starts from the first intimate eye contact which turns into a lustful kiss. The addiction of heavy erotic pleasure is simply inescapable. Do read some interesting texts so as to be a skillful inevitable lover. Those light breathtaking touches and a continuous gaze at her face will flutter her making her feel incredibly special.

Family Values

What Women find attractive in Men9

Just as you expect her to respect your parents and love your family, so are her aspirations from her gonna-be soul mate. Do try and be the part of her family and treat her parents as you treat yours!

  • Remember their birthdays and anniversaries and strive to celebrate it the way they might have never expected.
  • Stand by her during all the significant matters of her life. The most difficult situations are the ones that will judge your character and love for her.

Say ‘I Love You’

What Women find attractive in Men10

You might have seen in movies that a guy is deeply in love with some girl and she marries somebody else. All because he never expressed it due to the fear of losing her! And latter, what he get to know is she was mad for him as well. Isn’t it illogical? What’s the point in letting your love go when you are not aware of their feelings? Have guts to confess your intimate charismatic priceless love. It is better to be brave and confess rather than regretting for not speaking out those cute emotions.

All your expectations and dreams related to your love life will definitely be accomplished. Do tell your children about this article so that they could win the love of their lives! If you feel like sharing your viewpoint or if you have any query regarding what women find attractive in men, do let us know via your comments.

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