Why is Lehenga Choli Perfect Choice for India Wedding Wear?

The one thing that has become synonymous with Indian weddings apart from loads of color, delicious food, and unbarred enjoyment is the Lehenga Choli. Lehenga Choli, the principal dress for the royal women since the Mughal times, has withstood the test of time and has even flourished as the fashion trends in India have changed over the decades.

Every girl wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day. Lehenga choli, the dress of the royalty, perfectly satisfies this wish. Draped in a designer lehenga choli, the bride not only stands out from the rest of the gathering, making heads turn, but she feels special. So, it comes as no surprise when the modern Indian women declare the lehenga choli best wedding wear. Even if you are not the bride, the lehenga choli does not disappoint. Lehenga cholis, with simple designs and bright colors, let beauty and confidence ooze out of you on any wedding occasion.

Lehenga choli – a Perfect choice for a Wedding Wear

Traditional and culture are two facets which are indispensable as far as weddings in India are concerned, and the bride’s dress is no exception. A lehenga choli dress puts on exhibition the Indian heritage without taking anything away from the style and elegance of the dress. What makes lehenga choli top the charts when it comes to dresses for Indian weddings is the fact that it clubs together elegance, style, and tradition. This exotic mix of the Indian dressing heritage and the current fashion trend is seldom found in any other attire.

The look and feel that a designer lehenga choli for wedding imparts to a girl is unparalleled. Also, a bridal lehenga choli perfectly complements and blends in the heavy jewelry that Indian brides usually wear on their wedding ceremonies. This imparts symmetry to their appearance and makes them look like the queen that they are.

Factors to be kept in mind while deciding the color of wedding lehenga choli for women

Indian weddings are colorful ones. The wide array of colors that are put on display at an Indian wedding is quite a spectacle in itself. Amidst all these colors, the color of the bride’s wedding dress holds a position of importance. Though there are plenty of dresses of different colors to choose from, only a few make you look the best. Certain factors influence the color of a wedding dress. Let us take a look at the most important ones.

Skin tone

Your skin tone is one of the most important things that should be considered while choosing a wedding dress. However beautiful the dress, whether it suits you or not, can make or break your day. So, you must check your skin tone and choose the color of your wedding dress accordingly. When you make an informed choice, you are all set to rock the wedding.

The overall color palette of the wedding

This is a recent trend whose popularity is spreading like wildfire. Most weddings today have a color palette that they stick to. Sometimes the bride’s and the groom’s dress or the dresses of their relatives are coordinated to complement or match the color palette. This enhances the aesthetic beauty of the wedding as a whole.

Season of the wedding

Seasons play an important role in Indian society, and Indian weddings are no different. Sometimes the color of the bride’s dress is chosen, keeping in mind the season in which the wedding is taking place.

For example, in the winter months, deep colors like navy blue and fabrics like satin dominate while in the summer ones, colors like beige seize the day.

Choose the best lehenga Choli.

The developments and changes that have taken place in India’s fashion industry have had a huge positive influence on the lehenga choli as a wedding dress. With the huge variety of bridal lehenga cholis available at the market today, there is complete freedom to choose one’s dream wedding dress from amongst a variety of fabrics, colors, and designs. What this freedom ensures is that every single Indian bride can now feel as comfortable in her wedding dress as she feels in her own skin.

Given all its positives, this humongous variety can also lead to confusion as to what lehenga choli designs or colors should one choose to look her best on the D-day. Given below are a few designs and colors of lehenga cholis along with the guide as to who should wear it to look the best.

Bubblegum pink lehenga

If your complexion is fair with a cool undertone, this lehenga is as perfect as it gets for you. Be it the wedding ceremony, sangeet, or the much-awaited reception party, a bubble gum pink lehenga would always highlight your beauty and make some heads turn. Made of the soft net, it treats your skin right and feels comfortable even if you wear it for a prolonged period. A bit of zari, moti, and sequin work on the lehenga, as well as the choli, would further enhance the style of the wedding dress and, in turn, the beauty of the bride.

Red-colored flared lehenga

Red has been the color of Indian weddings since time immemorial. With the color of the sindoor and the wedding choli being red, it is considered the most auspicious color at weddings. Hence, red lehenga scores highly in maintaining the tradition of India. It is also a very attractive color to wear. For the brides with fair or wheatish skin with warm undertones, who wish to wear a wedding dress that would remain etched in people’s minds for a long time, nothing matches a heavily embroidered, red, flared lehenga made of Bangalore silk. With a fitted blouse and sequin and zari works all over the dress, it looks to have come straight out of a Bollywood movie.

Maroon colored designer lehenga choli

There is a prevalent notion that choosing the color of the wedding lehenga for a dark-skinned bride can be tricky. Well, in that case, the maroon is the color that you should be looking at. It brings out the true beauty of the bride and makes her look like a queen. Light Dori, zari, or sequin work on the dress further enhances the beauty of the dress. Made of satin fabric, it feels comfortable to wear and hence is perfect for occasions like the wedding ceremony, sangeet, or reception.

A white color bridal lehenga

The color that triumphs over all others at weddings is white. White lehenga cholis best suit brides with a cool dark complexion. Though plain white lehengas with zari works look majestic, if you feel that a touch of another color would spice up the dress even more, then you could look at a lehenga with a mix of say red and white. A bit of sequin work on the choli and fancy sleeves could be just the perfect icing on the cake.

So that was all you needed to know while choosing your wedding dress. Even after considering everything, the one thing that you should always keep in mind that it is your day and no matter what you wear or how you wear, you will look stunning. So, stay relaxed, stay confident, stay beautiful.

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