Do you have a habit of always picking bad boys? These relationships almost never work out, and you are left with heartache and turmoil. Love shouldn’t be about drama. It is important that you value yourself, and you should know what to look for in a guy. Don’t just settle for a bad boy because no one else is available. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t pick the bad boys.

Why You Should Not Pick The Bad Boys

They Are Toxic

Bad boys are toxic. They will bring a lot of negativity in your life. Their troubles will become your troubles. If you aren’t careful, you may get into trouble for things that they did. Because of your bad boy’s toxic behavior, your friends and family members may end up not wanting to be around you. Before you know it, you might also exhibit signs of this toxic behavior as well.

They Are Using You

Many bad boys are just worried about what’s in it for them. They are using you as a way to fulfill their emotional needs. Bad boys don’t always get a lot of acceptance. When they see someone who is willing to give them attention, they will use them as much as possible. Many women don’t even realize this is happening. Their friends and family members may point it out, but many women will brush off a bad boy’s behavior because they think that they are in love. Bad Boys are also more likely to be unfaithful. Do not be surprised if you are loyal throughout the relationship, but still end up with an STD. If you do it is time to find the exit!

They Are Cocky

You rarely run into men that are cockier than bad boys. They like to act like they are better than everyone. It’s not uncommon for a bad boy to put you down. They will act as if they are never wrong. This makes them almost impossible to put up with. Bad boys will tend to have a bad attitude much of the time. You may feel as if you are walking on eggshells just to appease them.

They Are Stressful

Bad boys will ask for a lot from you. They will want you at their beck and call. They will also put you in situations that you don’t want to be in. All of this makes this type of relationship stressful. Bad boys also don’t care that they are causing you stress. Having a boyfriend should make your life easier. They should not want to create stress, and they should want to do anything that they can to alleviate any that you do have.

In conclusion, relationships with bad boys almost always turn sour. While there may be a lot of sexual chemistry in these types of relationships, you’re better off choosing someone that’s compatible with you. You can avoid these types of relationships by looking for patterns. Think about what past bad boys you dated had in common with one another. Most importantly, be independent and in control. Value who you are as a person, and remember to not settle for a bad boy. Love shouldn’t be about drama. Settling for a bad boy is never a good idea.


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