Top 7 Women’s Secrets Every Man Should Know

We are used to the fact that women are very communicative creatures because they can always tell us everything. Probably, you also think so. Well, you will be doubly surprised when you learn that women also have secrets from us. Moreover, no woman will confess to you in them but will wait until you solve her riddle. Someone can say that women are too difficult creatures but this also has its own charm. Women are neither better nor worse than men, we are just different – and that’s fine!

Indeed, understanding a woman is not just an art but a real gift. But don’t worry, it will be easier for you to do this because now you will get to know the 7 main secrets of women from russian dating site

Women’s Secrets Every Man Should Know

Women love when men take responsibility

This absolutely doesn’t mean that women are completely helpless creatures and are not able to make a step without a man. A woman is able to perfectly plan and organize everything. But why if there is a man with whom she feels like behind a stone wall? She likes to feel the care of a man and understand that she can rely on him in everything and not worry about anything. In addition, responsibility is what a real man can surprise a lady, after which he will certainly receive his gift in the form of love and affection.

Women like when men are able to surprise them

Girls like to receive gifts but, alas, most of the gifts don’t cause them unspeakable delight. The reason is simple – many men don’t like to spend time on inventing something. It is much easier to buy a standard gift for girls in a store. But the truth of life is that the chocolate given suddenly and on time can please much more than the expected surprise.

Women are afraid to lose their man

Girls are afraid of treason much more than men. Moreover, the fear of the fact that a man may turn away one day and go to another woman forces girls to experience not the most pleasant feeling. Naturally, no woman confesses in this. In addition, many girls sincerely believe that their thoughts materialize. It is worth just to think and an attractive colleague at work can take her boyfriend away.

Women want men to be sincere

No matter how complex and confusing your problems seem to you, if you make a mistake, a girl will always be able to understand you and forgive. But what women don’t forgive is insincerity and lies. However, few people are able to say about this directly in person. A deceived girl can perfectly play her role and not even pretend that she is offended. But there will be a fire of disappointment and anguish inside her. That’s why it’s so important to always be sincere with girls.

Women understand that men also need time for themselves

Men know about women’s whims and demands to spend all the time with them. But in reality, most of the women understand that men just need freedom. They can’t be always near because they still have friends with whom they want to relax, drink beer and talk heart-to-heart.

Women tend to have good relations with men’s friends

Girls understand that spoiled relations with friends can make a negative impact on their relationships with chosen ones. That is why every girl seeks to establish friendly relations with people who are dear to her man. They don’t need unnecessary conflicts and disputes but this doesn’t mean that they will not be jealous of men’s friends.

Sometimes they want to stay alone

If a woman says that she wants to be alone, this doesn’t mean that she wants to break up. No, actually she just wants to figure something out. Most likely, your girl wants you to understand that she also has important things to do and if she says something to you, most likely, that’s what she means.


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