15 Tested Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs

At least, leave that pizza and huge cheese burgers! See the size of your tummy looking like a tyre. It is the time to adopt some good eating habits and these Tested Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs.

Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs1.1

Save the fact in your brain that a complete diet will not help you overcome your belly fat completely making it necessary for you to do these Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs. And if you just want to loose some weight then you must try some easy steps to lose 10 Lbs weight in just 7 Days.

Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs


Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs1

It is an oh-so-easy and effective yoga asana which revolves around breathing. All you have to do is to sit cross legged with your back straight and palms resting on your respective knees. Close your eyes and breathe calmly taking a deep breath by taking chest out and stomach in. Fasten the rate of doing this yoga in a defined rhythm of inhalation and exhalation.

Anulom Vilom

Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs2

  • Sit in the same posture as in kapalbhati yoga asana and breath normally.
  • Taking the thumb of either of your hands and block the respective nostril as to breathe from another nostril. Using fingers block another nostril taking the thumb away from the first nostril as to breathe via it.
  • Avoid breathing with mouth. Breathe with nose only repeating the same procedure with another hand.


Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs3

Just one rule! Sit in the same position as in kapalbhati resting your hands on knees and relaxing the shoulder. Close your eyes and make sure that your back is straight while you sit. Take in maximum oxygen as much you could forcefully and exhale in the same way. This yoga will not only control belly fat but also improve the respiratory system.

Yogic Jogging

Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs4

It is a virtual jogging wherein you jog without moving earth. All you have to do is to stand on your feet and stretch your hand in the front letting the second arm to be at 90 degrees to the body. Stretch the bended arm and your respective leg up to its maximum capacity. Do the same with other leg as to experience a pain while stretching. Do this yoga asana as a warming up exercise before starting off with other yogic exercises.

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Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs5

  • This is an oh-so-easy yoga wherein you just need to stand on your feet and breathe normally thereby putting both of your hands besides your body facing it.
  • Now, stretch your hands moving it forward and join them. While you inhale, make sure that your spine is erect stretching as much as you can. You may stand on your toes if you can, else do it standing on your feet.
  • Relax your body while exhaling and get back to a normal initial position. Repeat it after a few seconds around 6 to 7 times gradually increasing the number.

Surya Namaskar

Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs6

A perfect combination of 12 steps when performed either in the morning or after the sunset is incredibly beneficial for your fat tummy. These 12 steps basically contribute to the refreshment of all the body part throwing out extra calories from your body. The number of stretches and deep breathing that is followed in the yoga has a distinct exclusive effect over the body.


Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs7

  • Apart from its incomparable support in loosing belly fats, it also enhances digestive system and keeps the obesity away.
  • It is a bow like pose which stretches chest and abdomen so as to lose excessive fats over it. Lie on the floor upon your chest with legs together and palms facing the ground.
  • Lift your legs and head backwards as to hold your ankle and hold this position for around 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Start with 10 times a day initially increasing the number to reach 30.


Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs8

Lie on the yoga mat with your face towards the ground and lift your upper body backwards placing your hands on the ground. Try to stretch as much as possible thereby easily inhaling and exhaling normally. Hold this position for around 30 seconds gradually increasing the duration. This cobra like posture stretches your abdomen so as to bring it back to its sexy shape.


Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs9

Rest flat on the ground with palms facing the ground. Lift your legs, chest and head with hands parallel to ground balancing the complete body on your buttocks. Hold this posture for at least 30 seconds thereafter coming back to a normal position.


Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs10

Apart from leaving extra fat far behind a graceful health, it also controls glucose levels in blood along with enhancing digestive system. Stop worrying about menopause since this yogic exercise will take care of it all. Doing this yoga merely 10 minutes a day will snatch away a number of problems.

Ardha Halasana

Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs11

All you have to do is to simply lift either of your legs or both legs simultaneously holding the breath for a few seconds. Doing this yoga 5 times a day will help you get your sexy six pack abs and heals several other stomach disorders.

Pada Hasthasana

Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs12

  • It is a simple forward bend exercise which helps in contracting abdominal muscles thereby removing excessive fats.
  • Try touching the ground with palms and knees with head. Make sure that you keep your spine erect while you do this.


Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs13

It is, indeed, a great yoga for stretching hip and thigh muscles. It is a simple seated forward bend which helps you lose your belly tyre effectively in a lesser time. People with heart issues or back problems may not do this yogasana.


Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs14

This yoga, also known as wind relieving pose, is a great exercise to help your digestive problems find a solution for ever. Constipation and other health issues are incredibly resolved by this yoga. Start doing it for around 15 minutes a day on a regular basis and get surprised by the shocking results.


Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Abs15

After such a tight workout, who doesn’t need to rest and relax the mind! Simply lie on the floor flat on your back facing the ceiling. Breathe normally and relax. Let your body attain peace thereby removing tiredness.

Your body will soon be ready to wear that sexy attire now which you were not able to buy because of belly fats. Trying out these yogas will incredibly help you flaunt off your charming figure in front of your friends. Do share your views and queries as to know more about yogic exercises.

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