3 Effective But Easy Pilates Reformer Exercises

It’s okay if you don’t like going to gyms and find it rather dull. You aren’t the only one having such a mentality, but numerous other people in every continent of the world think like you. However, it doesn’t need to sum to you sacrificing your everyday exercises since several studios now provide detailed classes on Pilates Reformer exercises.

Exercises done with a Pilate Reformer ensure positive results faster, and the efforts devoted to them are at a minimum. If you haven’t seen a Pilate Reformer, its exercise equipment possesses a flat sliding base along with an adjustable foot bar at the end of it. The spring attached to the Pilates Reformer ensures different levels of resistance. And all of these make it a beautifully engineered machine, empowering individuals with greater strength and flexibility in the UK’s renowned fitness studios like La Dolce Studio. Let’s go through some beginner-level exercises given while joining one of the Pilates classes, Hammersmith.  

Leg Circles

Meant For: pelvis, abs, abductors, quads, calves, and hamstrings

Steps of Doing

  • Lie on the platform. Keep your feet pointed and knees bent.
  • Lift the straps over your top and slip in your feet one by one.
  • Place hands on sides and put pressure on your pelvis. Next, extend your legs and push up your body. Keep both legs in a position, which is a 60-degree angle from the base.
  • Slowly start moving your legs circularly, keeping the toes pointed. Make such circles five times.
  • Then, do the same but in the opposite direction.

Box-flat Back (Short)

Meant For: back and abs

Steps of Doing

  • Place two springs at the rear end of the base, and put your foot into the loop.
  • Sit on the box and place your hands in such a way that they can surround your waist.
  • Lean back and bring your tailbone close to your heels.
  • Stay in this position for a few minutes, then relax.


Meant For: abs, adductors, pelvis, hamstrings, and back

Steps of Doing

  • Place two springs and straps on the reformer
  • Lie on the platform, keeping your knees folded
  • Place your feet in the belt, one foot in each
  • Your knees should be apart from each other, maintaining a shoulder-width distance, and both the straps should be in between your knees.
  • Place your hands at the side of your body and push your body, putting pressure on them. Slide yourself up, keeping your legs straight
  • Then come again at the starting posture, sliding yourself a bit during it.

Concluding Lines

These are only three exercises you can do with a Pilates Reformer. However, there are plenty of them. As you become proficient in some of them, you will get more advanced options resulting in greater strength and flexibility in your muscles. Hence, there is no need to be disheartened if you don’t want to get into some heavy lifting. Just ensure to go to a studio with proficient instructors and Pilates Reformers, and you will start noticing the change from just a few months of your training.

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