Benefits of HGH Injections and their Surprising Side Effects

Human growth injections, popularly known as somatotropin, are quite popularly in the sporting world, particularly among bodybuilders and athletes due to their anabolic effects. Those who are new to HGH injections often wonder what is so important about them and whether they can help build muscles and improve a person’s performance. Read on for more on HGH injections.

Benefits of HGH Injections and their Surprising Side Effects

What is HGH?

HGH helps to stimulate growth, repair, and reproductions of cells in the body. Essentially, HGH injections are anabolic.  The body produces its own HGH in your pituitary gland. The body releases it in large quantities towards puberty to ease your growth into adulthood. Once you reach puberty, the quantity released into the blood goes down.

Post-puberty, its role is to help the body maintain muscle mass, sex drive, and brain function. The amount released into the blood declines as your age, which explains why HGH injections for sale are quite common as anti-aging options.

Benefits of HGH injections

Accelerated weight loss

A high level of HGH in the body improves raises your energy. This also means that your body will burn a lot more calories as your workout or as you go about your daily routine. As a result, your body will burn fat causing you to shed unhealthy weight. Of course, for you to enjoy the benefits of HGH, you must use the best HGH injections.

In addition, you must know where to get HGH injections. There are plenty of vendors on the market, but only a handful are licensed. Something else you will want to find out is the cost of HGH injections. Do some research and find out whether you can afford your doses once you start using HGH injections.

Quick recovery from Routine workouts

HGH injections are known to cut down the length of time it takes the body to recover from an intense workout. If you often perform circuit workouts, your body will heal faster when you increase your body’s supply of HGH. For best results, you have to know the right HGH injections sites.

Your regular dose should be administered subcutaneously. The most recommend sites include deltoid, thighs, and stomach. You only need to pinch your skin and then inject your HGH into body fat. Alternate your injection sites to minimize bruising.

Strength gain

The strength your body generates is directly related to the quantity of HGH you have cursing through the body. Bigger and stronger muscles can shift larger weights, but you must have that strength, to begin with.

Muscle growth and development

HGH injections not only help your body raise its energy levels, but they also help you build muscles. You need lots of energy to push heavy stuff. In addition, your strength gain also helps you build even more muscle.

Improved Mood

You will not always be in a good mood, which is normal. However, if your body’s HGH level is below normal, you are going to have a difficult time stay happy. But, with the help of HGH injections, it is quite easy to ensure your level is on par. You will always be happy with very few bouts of anxiety.

Improved Sleep

Your body repairs itself as you sleep, both mentally and physically. If you do not get enough sleep, your overall wellbeing will be affected adversely. In addition, the level of HGH in your body will decrease.

However, if your HGH level is optimum, you will have an easy time getting sleep at night. If your levels are low for one reason or another, and you find it difficult to stay asleep, you can remedy the situation with HGH injections.

Potential side effects of HGH Injections

Despite HGH’s benefits, there are a few surprising side effects that should get you to think before you inject, especially if you are planning to do it without involving your doctor. 


If you overload your body with HGH injections, you may suffer from acromegaly. This condition causes some parts of your body to enlarge. While you are young, HGH causes your bones to lengthen. However, once you become an adult, growth stops and you will not experience any more growth irrespective of the number of HGH injections.

Instead, your bones will thicken rather growing longer, particularly those in the hands, face, and feet. That is definitely not a good look and the pain that comes with it is no fun at all.

Moobs or gynecomastia

Clinically, Moobs or man boobs, go by the name gynecomastia. However you look at it, moobs are not something you would want to be showing as you busk in the sun in the summer. An imbalance between testosterone, HGH, and estrogen causes Moobs.

Tingling and Numbness

Too much HGH will strain the nervous system. The result is a tingling sensation around the extremities, particularly around the hands. In some cases, users develop carpal tunnel Syndrome. This condition is known to make daily routine almost impossible. So be sure that you consult your doctor before you begin dosing yourself with HGH injections.

Final Word

HGH injections can help you build up some and improve your strength. However, if you abuse it, it can cause uncomfortable side effects like tingling around the hands and abnormal thickening of the bones, a condition known as acromegaly. Ensure you involve a medical practitioner each step of your HGH journey.

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