10 Cool and Different Beard Styles for Men for 2015

A beard builds in the image of manliness and superiority within man and gives some men the support who considers themselves weak. Since ages men have been using beards to show their strength and power to the outer world. Almost all the man have preferred to have beards always and this is the reason various beard styles have been evolved which can be used or adopted by individuals to give people a different and shady look. While many of us think that beards are just a symbol of manliness but this is not the case, as they also help men to keep themselves warm in winters and it also protects them against the UV rays emitted by the sun.

Cool and Different Beard Styles for Men for 20151.1

To meet different needs of men we have bought forward cool and different beard styles for men for 2015 from which they can pick up the styles which suits their personality and choice. During these days Hot black men beard styles are spreading terribly among the youngsters (both black and white), you should check those too.

Cool and Different Beard Styles for Men for 2015


Cool and Different Beard Styles for Men for 20151

This kind of beard really works well with the person who can grow facial hair quite easily and also have a strong chin to carry the beard well. However don’t forget to give beard a proper shave such that it looks neat and tidy. The hair along the jaw line should be trimmed well and one should also have a good habit of grooming such that it does not appear like a bum. Following tools should be used for people who would like to have a good shadow beard;

  • Trimmer
  • Details in order to define the beard properly on face.
  • Oil/ conditioner is important for the ones who are trimming or using equipments on their face and the use of such oil and conditioners can keep both hair and face properly moisturized.

To ensure that the much needed beard is achieved, the man keeping this beard should not shave for at least three days and then should trim it. However for the ones who would like to have stubble look they should trim it every three days.


Cool and Different Beard Styles for Men for 20152

This facial hairstyle looks awesome on people having heavy beard. Beard on side face and trimmed beard below the chin looks perfect. You can check some other dynamic beard styles for men to try this year.

Short Boxed Beard

Cool and Different Beard Styles for Men for 20153.1

It is best for man who would like to have a short beard instead of having a complete one on their face. Such kind of beard need continuous attention and work by the person keeping it. This kind of beard suits well for the person who have prominent chin and it gives person a healthy look. This look can be adopted by managers and professionals as it makes them look innocent and sober thus giving them a typical professional look. Following tools should be used to get a perfect look;

  • Trimmer with multiple heads which allows the user to switch between different components such as foil shaver and detailing trimmer.
  • Oil and conditioner to keep both face and hair moisturized on the skin.

This facial hairstyle is adopted by most of the celebrities worldwide. The facial hairs are trimmed very short and it will look great only on people with nice facial features.

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