Tight Beard

Cool and Different Beard Styles for Men for 20154

This beard stays close to the face and requires the use of two millimeters trimmer. To get this kind of look user will have to invest in some good and professional trimmers which can help the person achieve the desired look.

  • The beard comes up to the cheek and then gets connected to the mustache on the face.
  • The person growing this beard must pay attention to the beard such that it does not grows too much or too long.
  • This form of beard is similar the short boxed beard, but the only difference is it extends up to the cheeks more.

Buzz Cut

Cool and Different Beard Styles for Men for 20155

The beard is cut with light stubble and is popularly known as burr cut. The beard looks super sexy on fair men.

Olde English

Cool and Different Beard Styles for Men for 20156

This beard is a mixture of different beard styles and with this people manages to get a rough look.

  • The beard covers almost whole face just leaving bit of cheekbones on the face.
  • The look is quite unique and it works well with people who are musicians or authors.


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