Dating During the Pandemic: 6 Socially Distanced Ideas To Try

In 2020, we learned that the Covid-19 pandemic affected how we do everything, from the way we travel and work to the way we date. However, after a stressful 2020, it is healthy for everyone to concentrate on their mental well-being and prioritize their intimate time with their partners.

While the idea of dating during a pandemic might not seem romantic, especially if you are used to luxurious restaurants, fancy trips, and adventurous activities, with a little creativity, you can enjoy fantastic dates that are as interesting as the ones you had before Covid-19.

#1: Have Fun at the Local Bowling Center

If you are looking for a fun idea for your upcoming date, why not visit the local bowling center. Nothing says, “I want to get to know you better,” like friendly competition and a fun night filled with laughter.

Bowling centers respect the rules—they are safe, clean, sanitized, and ready for visitors. Call your partner and arrange a classic bowling night with french fries, pizza, and nachos. It is a simple, romantic, and retro date idea.

#2: Organize Your Own Wine Tasting Tour

Even though many wineries and vineyards are open, they are working at limited capacities. Booking a wine tasting tour might not be as easy as it sounds, especially during the weekends. If you don’t want to wait or aren’t comfortable removing your mask, a visit to the nearby wineries might not be a pleasant experience.

Dating during a pandemic is not simple, but you can plan a similar (if not better) experience with a little bit of creativity by creating a wine tasting tour in your apartment. Have as much wine as you’d like, play by your rules, and stay as long as you want.

It is a perfect opportunity to impress your date with your knowledge, learn more about one another, and show off your expertise.

#3: Make Takeout Exciting & Romantic

Whether you are planning a fun date for your girlfriend, a girl you just met on social media, or want to impress one of the Manhattan beach escorts, why not elevate the take-out experience and organize a night to remember.

A fun date usually includes delicious food, but you can’t depend on restaurants with the newest restrictions and precautionary measures. No problem—use your creativity to level up your take-out experience. You can order food from your favorite restaurant, grab a nice bottle of wine, and visit the nearest park for a socially distanced date.

If you want a more intimate atmosphere, creating a romantic dining experience on the rooftop of your building, beach, or backyard can be fun too. Surprise your date with a breathtaking view if you want to score bonus points and make things more exciting.

#4: Go Around the World With Virtual Airbnb

While it is possible to travel around the country, it is nothing compared to before. Luckily, there are options like virtual Airbnb to save the day. With Airbnb virtual experiences, you can escape your reality for a bit while staying safely at home.

If you are up for a little adventure, surprise your partner with a fun date. The virtual Airbnb experiences are amazing to partake in, and there are numerous options available. You can go on a virtual tour in France, Italy, or Spain, go wine tasting, be a part of artisanal coffee brewing, and more. It is also an excellent option for double dates.

#5: Level-Up Your Breakfast or Brunch Date

If you love stay-at-home dates, especially during the pandemic, level-up your breakfast or brunch recipes to surprise your partner. Sometimes, switching up the evening date and doing something in the morning or afternoon is much more fun. It gives you more time to talk about whatever you want, and you can wear comfortable clothing to see each other in another light.

For a breakfast or afternoon brunch, invite your date to a delicious feast complete with mimosas or some other light cocktail, your favorite savory items, and something for dessert.

#6: Set Up an At-Home Spa

While a delicious breakfast or dinner is always a good idea for a date, sometimes you want to have a more intimate time with your partner. One fantastic idea to release tension, increase endorphins, and feel connected to your partner is through massages and spa treatments.

You can organize a spa day at home that allows you to focus on each other and feel some zen. Don’t forget to create a sensual playlist that will add to the destressing and relaxation.

Covid-19 doesn’t have to cancel the romance or ruin your upcoming date. While dating during a pandemic isn’t ideal, try to be creative and develop ideas on how to spend a beautiful day or night with your partner.


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