Latest 55 Elephant Tattoo Designs for Girls: 2015

Animal Tattoo designs are growing very popular these days. People, especially girls are just fond of it. You can go for different type of animal tattoos like- lion, tiger, cats, elephants etc. you have plenty of choices to choose from. Elephants are the strongest animals living on land and are respected a lot in Indian and African culture. The strength of an elephant is legendary. Elephant tattoo designs for girls can give them a stronger look and bring out their powerful personality out. Elephants are worshipped in India and are treated like God. Ganesha, the Indian God had the head of an elephant. So, elephant is devoted across India. During these days, girls are also going towards temporary tattoo designs because of various reasons. You can also choose one on the provided design and crave it on your body.

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The elephant tattoo represents a wider meaning in most of the cultures and civilizations. Elephant has a vast and ferocious body and is tons in weight. The elephant tattoo designs depicts different meanings and different explanations. Some of the common meanings associated with the elephant tattoo designs can be:

  • The elephant being the strongest mammals represents power and strength and a fearless attitude. Elephant is always associated with bravery and vigor.
  • One of the meanings of elephant tattoo is related to devotion and customs. Elephant is worshipped in most of the parts of the world. The elephant is treated as the symbol of God and ultimate power.
  • These tattoos may represent the nobility of a person. Elephant being the strongest of all remains calm and peaceful most of the times.

Elephant Tattoo Designs for Girls

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There are many more meanings associated with elephant tattoo designs. Some of the common meanings are- Wisdom, Chastity, Longevity, prosperity, courage, gentleness, determination, and Good Luck. In category of amazing tattoo designs, butterfly tattoo designs for girls are very popular.

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There is a good number of elephant tattoo design option with you to choose the best tattoo to be engraved on your body. Some of the popular elephant tattoo designs to be engraved on your body are:

  • Ganesha is believed to have the head of an elephant and therefore this tattoo design is very popular among the masses. Most of the people going for elephant tattoo designs choose these tattoos design to be engraved on their body parts.
  • This type of tattoo design can give you a tribal look when engraved with use of single color. It can be made attractive and interesting by adding few colors and designs to it. This tattoo depicts complete elephant engraved on your body and is the symbol of courage and power. It brings out your ferocious attitude in front of people.
  • This tattoo design is also the symbol of power and vigor. It is for the people, who do not believe in trends and are bit more conservative. This tattoo design creates an outlined structure of elephant on their body.

Those girls who are especially looking for cute tattoo designs have another option to look at cute butterfly tattoo designs. Hopefully, you’ll like that collection too.

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