How To Deal With Your Man’s Erectile Dysfunction

Much attention is paid to what happens to a man with erectile dysfunction. Yet, they forget that it is a two-way street. Women are also affected by a man’s inability to perform sexually.

It may be awkward. And it may be embarrassing. But, it is important for this to be handled together so that it can be resolved in a healthy way.

In this article, we will go over how you can deal with your partner’s erectile dysfunction that works for him and for you.

How To Deal With Your Man’s Erectile Dysfunction

What’s actually causing the ED

The first few times that you started noticing that your partner was having trouble with his sexual function it may not have seemed like a big deal. It happens to most guys at some point in their life.

It could actually have been the beginning of a problem that is caused either psychologically or physically. It is important to understand what is causing it so try to find a delicate way to convince your partner to go talk to a doctor.

There are many treatments available, but which they rely on knowing what to treat specifically. In many cases, taking ED medication is going to help him get his sexual function back. Manual is a good place to learn about the different medications.

It could be that he has low testosterone and it is affecting his sex drive. In this case, testosterone therapy may be the right treatment.


Letting each other know your feelings about the problem in bed will go a long way to helping to fix it. When you aren’t talking about it, then the mind can take things in a wild direction.

Many women think that he is no longer attracted to her and that is why he can’t get an erection. Some others may think he is cheating.

The reality could simply be that he is under a lot of stress and feeling anxiety about sex. Or, he could be going through depression. These psychological problems are potent and can cause ED very easily.

If you talk about what is happening then you may realize that it has nothing to do with you or problems in your relationship.

Some men are too embarrassed to talk to a doctor or go to a therapist. If you can communicate how important it is for you to be intimate again, then you may be able to change his mind. If he can’t or won’t do it for himself then maybe he will for you and the sake of your relationship.

Stay positive

Avoid attacking and placing blame if he is unable to perform. You can easily send him off in the wrong direction and take longer for the problem to be resolved. Instead, use reassuring language to help him take the right steps to get help.

Luckily, there are options for ED and it really is not the end of the relationship. In most cases, it is something that can be fixed without even needing to take any medication.

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