Trying to Propose a Girl? Follow these steps

Proposing a girl is nothing less than an exam for a boy and he wants to successfully get over it. Success in proposing a girl can be achieved only when the girl accepts the offer and to make this difficult task simpler we have bought forward the significant tips to propose a girl.

Significant Tips to Propose a Girl1.1

Significant Tips to Propose a Girl


Significant Tips to Propose a Girl1

Be simple, as simplicity is the best policy and this can really impress an individual. Just express your feelings for her, how much you love her and spend your life with her. Things said directly from heart always work in favor of the person and this is one of the best ways of giving a start to the relation.

Rose petals

brennende Kerze mit Herz / burning candle with heart

One can also give roses on the date and then propose the girl. It is considered as the oldest method of proposing and it works the best on girls. One can also give bouquets along with dark chocolates to make them feel pampered.

Gift her pet

Significant Tips to Propose a Girl3

Pets are really close to heart of girls, and hence this can be used while proposing a girl. Buy girl a pet and attach ring to his collar.

  • I am sure she will be surprised with this and would love your surprise.
  • However while making the choice of pet be sure that you choose the right one which is her favorite and does not causes her any allergy.

Gift her top

Significant Tips to Propose a Girl4

If you are aware of her likes and dislikes, then pick up a top of her choice and write your feelings and quote over it. One can even paste a photo having both of them on it and let the girl know how much you love her. This is the best way of proposing a girl secretly

Proposing on Radio

Significant Tips to Propose a Girl5

The cheapest way of proposing a girl is on radio. Register the call on a local station which she listens regularly and dedicate a song to her.

  • You can also choose to express your feelings on radio.
  • This is loved by girls a lot and she appreciates the effort of a man.

Proposal on banner

Significant Tips to Propose a Girl6

Many boys are afraid of speaking their heart out to a girl, in such a case he can opt using banners for writing his feelings and heart out. Place this banner in front of her office cabin or in front of her house.

Use fireworks

Significant Tips to Propose a Girl7

To make the moment of proposal more special for the girl, guy can make use of fireworks. To make sure that everything turns out well a firework company can be contacted for the same; one can even get the message of love displayed with the help of fireworks.

Proposal in classroom

Significant Tips to Propose a Girl8

Boys who are studying and would like to propose a girl, and then they can choose classroom as the place to make proposal.

  • Write your feelings on a paper and give her during the break time
  • You can even bend in front of her and propose her but before that make sure that no one is on that place to save the girl from undergoing unnecessary embarrassment.

Choose a special day

Significant Tips to Propose a Girl9

To make the day more special, pick up a perfect day for proposing say the day when you first met or on her birthday. This will make the things all the more special for her.

Plan out a dinner

Significant Tips to Propose a Girl10

Take your girl to a dinner date; however make sure that the place is beautiful enough with good ambience around it.

  • Order her favorite food and make arrangements for some music.
  • However while gifting the ring, you can hide the ring in a desert or can drop it in her drink and whenever she gets it bend on your knee and propose her.
  • I am sure she would be amazed and feel completely pampered.

The above mentioned tips to propose a girl can hence be followed to make sure that your feelings are conveyed to your love and she says yes to it and fills your life with her love.

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