Tattoos are one of the most ancient forms of art that had gained popularity since past decade. Tattooing the body had become a popular art form and it is believed that Tattooing enhance the overall look of the person. With the growing popularity of Tattoos, the numbers of Tattooing parlors are also increasing.

Small Tattoo Designs for Girls (32)

History of Tattoos

This art form is one of the oldest art form that was done on body. The different tattoos have different meanings, some brought strength and power to the people, while some were related to black magic and every tattoo was unique in its style and design. Today, also people tattoo their body to carry out their stud look to the outer world.

Small Tattoo Designs for Girls (9)

Girls love small tattoos over their body and it really looks cute over the body of girls. Girls love cute tattoos like that of butterfly or typographic names over their body. Tattooing is little painful process and must be done carefully. These tattoos are permanent as well as temporary. Permanent tattooing of body is painful, while the temporary tattooing of the body is not at all painful. Girls love tattooing their body and it has now become the trend. These tattoos are available in different shape and size and grld can choose the best one for themselves.

Small Tattoo Designs for Girls

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Pretty Small Tattoo Designs for Girls2

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Pretty Small Tattoo Designs for Girls5

Pretty Small Tattoo Designs for Girls6

Small Tattoo Design Ideas for Girls

There are number of Tattoos that girls can choose from. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Permanent Tattoos are non-removable and must be given a thought before you go for it. Here are some small Tattoo design ideas for the girls:

Choose a trendy cute Design
Small Tattoo Designs for Girls (5)

Girls look attractive with Tattoos having a nice cute design that matches the nature of girls. Girls are generally beautiful and cute and so the tattoos that showcase their beauty are well suited on girls.

Name Tattoos are always in Fashion
Small Tattoo Designs for Girls (8)

Most of the girls choose to for the tattoos over the small part of their body mentioning their names, or the name of their lover, or any special person in their life. These names may be written in good calligraphic style to make it look appealing and impressive. It should spell bound the person, for whom the tattoo is designed on your body.

Go for Contrasting Color tattoos
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Either the color of Tattoo must be unique or single, else it can be contrasting colors. Contrasting color tattoos over the girl’s body looks sexy and make the girls look more appealing than before.

Pretty Small Tattoo Designs for Girls7

Pretty Small Tattoo Designs for Girls8

Pretty Small Tattoo Designs for Girls9

Pretty Small Tattoo Designs for Girls10

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