135 Small Tattoo Designs With Powerful Meaning

Paw: Cute way of paying homage to animals!

Are you an animal lover? Do you have pets? Do you feel pain when someone hurts animals around you? Well, a paw tattoo idea is a superb way to show love towards your favorite animal. Moreover, the design adds a fun and sweet look to your personality!

Celtic Triskelion: 3 Significant Symbols!

The symbol of Celtic Triskelion is a great idea for small tattoos. It may be very simple or plain, but it signifies three 3 symbols of creator (power), destroyer (Intellect) and sustainer (love). You can even see them in the form of mind, body, and soul.

Cute Catty or Kitten: Trendy of All!

If you want to express your love for this adorable creature, can you suggest anything more suitable than getting a tattoo inked? This fun cartoon cat tattoo design is perfect to bring out your inner child. OMG, it’s among cutest small tattoo designs with powerful meaning.

Snowflake: How pure is your heart!

Friendly, kind-hearted, determined people love to go with snowflake tattoo design! If you’re among such person who thinks that ‘snowflake’ design indicates addiction or something that’s wrong, then you’re probably wrong. Snowflakes hold a very special in their meaning – purity, innocence, and peaceful life.

Pulse: Life Goes On!

Pulse tattoo design signifies life! Whatever situation (good or bad) or difficulties you’re facing in your life, the pulse tattoo design always gives you the strength to move ahead in life with full confidence. Ups and downs are part of life..! Don’t be disheartened and stay motivated!!

Tree Tattoo: Work Selflessly for Others

Big Mountains: Large and Steady

Paper Plane: Ability to touch the Sky

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