Taking the Laser Hair Removal Leap

Unwanted body hair can be anything from itchy and annoying to socially damaging and embarrassing. But some of the everyday solutions we all use to get rid of it can be just as annoying, especially shaving. Who really wants to shave their various body parts every few days, especially when it’s easy to miss hairs or develop razor burn that way? If you’re one of those frustrated people, you might want to consider taking the laser hair removal leap.

Why Laser Hair Removal Works Better Than Shaving

The main reason that lasers work better for getting rid of body hair than shaving razors is that razors can’t get below the skin’s surface. Lasers, on the other hand, absolutely can. In fact, the laser’s light beam can attack not only the entire strand of hair, including the part below the skin’s surface, but also damage the actual hair follicle (root) as well.

The fact that hair removing equipment that is laser-based can target hair follicles is what makes it so effective at long-term regrowth prevention. It’s a bit like mowing down weeds in your yard versus pulling all the weeds out by the roots. Once the hair’s root system is compromised it will take much longer to grow back again.

Expected Short and Long-Term Laser Hair Removal Outcomes

The short-term impact of laser hair removal is usually unremarkable. The hair doesn’t burn off, disappear, or fall out right when you have your treatment. Instead, it takes a certain amount of time to work its magic (usually about two weeks, but sometimes less). In addition to that, the hair might grow back fairly quickly after your first treatment or two.

It’s the long-term impact of laser hair removal procedures that makes them so popular. After you have a series of treatments done you should notice two major benefits. The first is that some of the treated hair may never grow back once the follicles are damaged enough or destroyed. The second is that any hair that does return should take much longer to reappear and be much less obvious.

Body Parts That Can be Treated with Lasers

It’s far easier to list the body parts that can’t be treated with lasers than the ones that can. Lasers can treat hair anywhere it pops up except in orifices, such as the inside of your nose or ears. The laser devices can target hairs with pinpoint accuracy on your arms, legs, face, back, and other body parts with ease.

People That Can be Treated with Lasers

The bigger issue is not whether or not your hair qualifies as treatable in a laser clinic. The bigger issue is whether or not you as a person can be treated by a laser machine. In short, the color and condition of your skin can potentially make laser treatments difficult. That is especially true if your skin is dark, your hair is extremely light, or your skin is prone to acne outbreaks. Having skin that is excessively oily can also make a clinician rule you out as a laser treatment candidate.

When it comes down to it, the only way to know if laser treatments can help you with your embarrassing body hair is to try them, or at least to consult an expert about them. A local skincare clinician can tell you all about the ins and outs of laser treatments. That way you’ll have a better picture of whether or not taking the laser hair removal leap is worth it for you.

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