Types Of Shoes Every Fashion Forward Man Must Have

Fashion is always not about the clothes you wear. Your choice of shoes often remains more important for a perfect look. Even the best combination of trousers and shirt can look dim without the complementing match of the right pair of shoes.

For example, a pair of sandals hardly matches the class and sophistication perfectly formal attire offers.  

Similarly, wearing formal boots while heading for each party can be equally bizarre.

If catching all the attention of a gathering is on your mind, pick your shoes from the high on fashion ensemble of San Marina. Explore the exclusive collection of San Marina’s shoes and fashion accessories to revamp your fashion wardrobe. Here is a list of shoe varieties that every fashion-forward man must own.

Derbies Shoes

Formal shoes do not always mean something monotonous or usual. Fashion is all about adding a twist to even the most common items of wearing. Derbies shoes are perfect for any formal event or office, as these shoes feature an uncompromised classy look.

However, derbies shoes do not look identical to regular formal boots. With their narrow toe space design and stringed closure, these shoes offer a sophisticated appeal. Wear these shoes with matching formal trousers and shirts to walk in confidence and style.

Maintaining these shoes is also not a mammoth task. With gentle regular care, your branded Derbies will remain as good as new for a long time.


The primary focus of fashion remains to choose the perfect accessories for particular attire. For casual parties and events, the choice should careful. If you are on your way to a friendly party or a backyard barbeque, a pair of loafers can be the safest and best choice.

Regardless of your choice of trousers, loafers offer a perfect casual look. Wear them with casual trousers or knee-length pants, loafers never let you down on the fashion quotient. The best part is that you can put them on without any hassle. These slip-on style shoes are ideal for any casual hang out.  


No matter the variety of hoes your closet has, it remains incomplete without a perfect pair of sandals. Suppose you want to go to the lawn for a brisk walk or to a nearby shop for buying something. Would you take the pain of wearing formal shoes or even a pair of loafers for it?

Wouldn’t it be easier for you to slip into the sandal for such short and day-to-day tasks? A pair of sandals can be a savior during the months of summer as well. Pick your sandal and head out to a nearby beach to enjoy the summer sun without bothering about the discomfort of perspiring feet inside the covered shoes. Hence, sandals are one of the fashion essentials for men.


For all adventure enthusiasts out there, a pair of sneakers is a must. Sneakers are also essential for those who maintain a religious workout regime. For that morning jogging session or dedicated exercising hour, nothing is more fitting than a pair of sneakers. These shoes offer the utmost comfort a person needs during physical activity sessions.

These shoes feature a laced closure that guarantees a snug fit regardless of the length of the tracks you run. Easy to wear and remove, sneakers come with comfortable soles to offer your feet the rest they need during vigorous exercising sessions. Pick a popular T-Shirt style and a pair of track pants to club them with a pair of sneakers to be ready for your exercise session.

Grab your style today from the exhausting collection of a reputed shoe brand. Make sure to keep your collection of shoes diverse to pick one based on the outfit you wear.

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