Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Men’s Underwear

Not so long ago mens underwear simply revolved around boxers and briefs. In modern times, different types, fabrics, and designs have made men’s underwear a lot more fashionable than it used to be. Consequently, the many options available in the market have made it difficult to choose what underwear is most ideal for you.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of what you need to know while selecting the best mens underwear.

Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Men’s Underwear

Style of Underwear

Choosing the right underwear for you goes beyond personal preference. You need to wear the right underwear for your body. Generally, the more common styles of mens underwear include briefs, boxers, and trunks.

All styles are designed for men with different body types. For instance, boxer shorts would not be ideal for men with slender body frames because of the baggy nature of the underwear. Instead, briefs or boxer briefs would be more convenient for their body types. Trunks happen to be the most recent style of underwear. They are a smaller version of boxer briefs and are great for men with slim body frames.


Most men tend to buy underwear in a smaller size to emphasize their groin section. Unfortunately, this only causes discomfort and even pain in some cases. Wearing tiny underwear can have a negative impact on your health and fertility. A waistband that is on too tight around the hips can cause irritation on the skin and discomfort as a result.

Wearing oversized underwear is not recommended either as wrinkles from baggy underwear material can show against the outer clothes. Try and measure your waist size so you can make a well-informed purchase. If not, feel free to go with your pants size as there won’t be much difference.

The Underwear Brand Matters

Mens underwear brands such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Derek Rose, and Hanes have plenty of styles, fabrics, and designs available.

While most of the aforementioned brands lean towards the fashionable side of mens underwear, other brands are more focused on the comfort and convenience of the underwear. For instance, Jockey is an American company that specializes in selling sportswear and sporting underwear features prominently in its catalog.

The Fabric of the Underwear

The fabric used to make the underwear has a significant impact on how comfortable and stylish the underwear will turn out to be. Generally, synthetic and natural materials are the two types of mens underwear fabric, and both suit different purposes.

Cotton, for instance, is a natural material and is regarded as the softest and most comfortable. Wool is also a natural material used in underwear of differing qualities. High-quality cotton underwear is warm and breathable while low-quality underwear causes itchiness and sweating. Silk exists both naturally and synthetically and is usually used for boxers.

Choosing the Ideal Underwear for You

Choosing the right underwear is not among the toughest decisions a man will make in his life but it can have serious implications if not done right. What might have worked for you five years ago may not do so currently and you need to be practical in your choosing process. Reflect on whether the fabric of the underwear is right for you and if the style and size suit your body.

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