Unavoidable & Best Styling Rules for Black Girls

‘B’ for black and ‘B’ for beautiful. You are beautiful even if you are not princess Ariel. God could have made us perfectly complete, though he left certain incompleteness so as to let us strive for it. How can a girl feel completely perfect unless she feels confident about her style and personality?

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Hair, skin, clothes and what not is included on the top of the list for “Being Perfect”. A hearty congrats to all the smart girls out there who have been searching for styling rules for black girls as their chase has finally came to an end.

Best Styling Rules for Black Girls

A sexy Dress!

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Best Styling Rules for Black Girls2

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Fashion trends are always hotter with superb combination of bright colors and floral designs. Blazers with cool embroidery can be a “something new” to try out. A sexy short dress with awesome prints of flowers on it will give a natural look to you along with a commendable class of fashion. Dresses with delicate net over it will add up to the delicacy of every dark skinned girl’s beauty. A formal shirt could be paired with jeans or jeggings of a perfect fit. A girl with the a dark complexion will put a cherry on the cake by putting on the dresses consisting of bright colors including yellow, red, purple, black and so forth. You can check out more dressing ideas for black girls to look perfectly gorgeous.

The way to gorgeous hair

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Best Styling Rules for Black Girls5

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The extreme delicacy of hair needs to be thrown out of the way to gorgeous hair! Don’t worry; these tips will help you manage the quality of your hair so that you can go for any hot hairstyle as per your choice.

  • Make a routine to wash your hair once a week so that the scalp may get nourished and dirt will get removed. Don’t forget to use a quality conditioner applying it throughout the hair right from scalp to the end of the hair.
  • Use of ceramic combs or iron for straightening of hair must be used. Make sure that the temperature of the iron is minimum as required for styling your hair in order to avoid damage.
  • Ask the professional hair stylist to handle your hair with due care by not making braids or cornrows much tighter than necessary which could hurt you further damaging your hair.

A “wow” hairstyle

So, all the sexy girls out there, here we are with the number of spine-tingling “wow” hairstyles to hold on the world’s eye onto your authentic beauty by helping you choose a perfect hairstyle.

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  • Spiked hairstyle – An incomparable look would be yours if you make a pixie cut. A colored pixie style works great for dark skinned teenagers.

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Best Styling Rules for Black Girls9

  • Braided hairstyle and buns – Loose braids could be made if you have thick long shiny hair. You may also highlight certain portion of your head so as to make it look more attractive. Buns are other authentically classy hairstyles for black girls which could enhance a greater natural look.

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And finally a classy makeup

A makeup can make a beauty queen look similar to a joker. Or it may make a not-so-good looking girl look like a beauty queen. In order to look beautifully gorgeous, you must follow these simple tricks which will help you stand out of the crowd with a great combination of awesomeness and perfection.

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  • “Foundation” of class – Search out for a foundation with color slightly lighter than your skin complexion. Apply it all over your face evenly using the face sponge or a soft brush.
  • Face powder – If you are disappointed because of oily skin, here is the solution. Using a good quality translucent face powder can conceal the skin making it more even and fresh.
  • “Blush” makes him “blush” – Using a blush can add up to the elegance of your face in a much prettier way than a fair toned girl. Keep in mind that if you have a high cheek bones than apply it sharp over it or if you a fluffy round cheeks then apply blush in the mid of your cheek and the jaw.
  • Chic lipstick – A black girl should preferably use a dark colored lipstick including brown and wine and, of course, hot red! Lip gloss may also be used to enhance the class and beauty of your lips.
  • All about eyes – Having a dark complexion is the greatest advantage as you would be able to use the complete range of colors of eyeshades. Colors like yellow, gold or pink will look fabulous along with shiny silver eyeliner. You could ask your beautician to give your eyes a smoky look so as to intensify the very hotness of your eyes.

We just provided our awesome blacks girls with a thorough knowledge about the incredible styling. Get ready to enjoy that one eye-popping expression from the complete crowd around you. If you have any suggestions or queries or experiences, do share all of them, here, amongst your friends.

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