30 Traditional Gypsy Tattoo Ideas for Women to Try

One of the more popular old school tattoos is the gypsy, which ranks up there with other designs such as the anchor, swallow, mermaid, and compass. After decades of popularity, the gypsy remains as popular as ever. The gypsy way of life is practiced all over the world from Asia to Latin America.

Their constant wanderlust, affinity to adventure and deep-rooted beliefs in the occult and magic have allowed gypsies to have a huge influence on all forms of art. These gypsy traditional gypsy tattoo ideas for women are bound to inspire you with a sense of adventure, wanderlust. Well then your plan to make everyone go “Hawww” will need these Cool Rose Tattoo Designs for you next ink for sure?

Traditional Gypsy Tattoo Ideas for Women

The fortune teller:

This is one gypsy you can trust! She looks like she can tell you in a heartbeat the rest of your life’s plans. The only thing that could make it more intuitive is perhaps a crystal ball underneath to really get some further insight!

The handy gypsy:

The rosy cheeks, large headscarf, beautiful curls, gold hoop drops, and haunting eyes, this gypsy is on display for all to see. This hand tattoo can be paired with a few finger tattoos to make it pop even more.

The Young Dreamer

This is a perfect style for those who are quite girly but would like a gypsy tattoo that’s not too over the top. A little feathering to the base of the girl and along the hair motif will soften the tattoo.

Blowing in the Wind

This windswept gypsy is looks forever wistful. Although she is amazingly beautiful, there is an infinite sadness about her. You will love the muted gray colors combined with the red flower behind the ear here, and the tendrils of hair blowing around her neck.

Day of the Dead Gypsy:

The Day of the Dead is a gypsy festival. Due to its importance in the gypsy culture, the Day of the Dead has for long, been an inspiration in gypsy tattoo art. This traditional gypsy tattoo idea for women is the perfect example of macabre gypsy art, inspired by the Day of the dead annual gypsy celebrations.

Gypsy butterfly tattoo:

The butterfly’s journey from a caterpillar to a beautiful multi-colored winged creature holds much significance in gypsy art. This gypsy tattoo is symbolic of the gathering of knowledge that ultimately results in an awe-inspiring transformation. Awesome among traditional gypsy tattoo ideas for women list.

Raven tattoo gypsy:

The raven is symbolic of protection, magic and wisdom among gypsies and this tattoo is clearly inspired by that. A pitch black raven perfectly contrasts with the clouds of scarlet red in the background and looks super cool. Matching sister tattoo designs is a beautiful way to show your love towards each other. This post is all about cute designs perfect for sisters.

Gypsy Girl with Wolf Headgear Tattoo:

This tattoo stands out for its brilliant depiction of a gypsy girl with a wolf headgear. The wolf in gypsy circles, symbolizes intelligence and ingenuity apart from loyalty and guardianship. Due to the fact that many gypsies worship nature, the wolf finds much importance in gypsy art.

The Feathered Gypsy:

Another Native American gypsy design, this one is simple but powerful. You will love the searching look on her face. It looks like the wearer may even have a matching design on her other forearm.

The Purple Gypsy

A modern take on the gypsy tattoos. From the cobwebs, to the knife, to the windswept hair, this will really catch the eye and the use of so many different shades of purple will make this a stand out winner in a sea of competitors. Also, here we have mentioned tattoos will surely motivate you to build a good relationship with your brother and sister to support them in good or bad times.

So embrace you inner gypsy and unlock the key to you next tattoo design with these traditional gypsy tattoo ideas for women.

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