5 Signs and Symptoms of Clinical Depression

We all feel sad at times. There are occasions that test and try us, and they leave us feeling down and depressed.  And this is a natural reaction to unpleasant situations in life like some kind of loss, some phase of struggle or insult to self-esteem. The best thing about such phases of sadness is that they go away, as soon as better times set in. But clinical depression is different- it lingers! There are millions of people across the globe who are clinically depressed. The signs are so subtle, they don’t even make you realize there is something wrong with your psyche. And that is why this mental health condition often goes undetected, sometimes leading to disturbing consequences such as death.

If you suspect you could be a victim of this ailment, then the undermentioned Signs and Symptoms of Clinical Depression could help you self-detect it. Read on-

Signs and Symptoms of Clinical Depression

Losing interest in everything

Although there are many Signs and Symptoms of Clinical Depression, a loss of interest in life and pleasurable activities could be the first tell-tale sign. Just imagine yourself in a situation wherein you wouldn’t want to hang out with your friends, watch your favorite tv shows, or even eat at your favorite food joint. It sounds like an impossible scenario for anyone who finds pleasure in these little things. But someone with clinical depression would simply show their back to such pleasures, even if they thoroughly enjoyed them before.

Having suicidal thoughts

Out of all the Signs and Symptoms of Clinical Depression, this one is evidently the most dangerous. It is not OK to feel like dying, no matter what. Sometimes, the trigger behind such suicidal tendencies could be as insignificant as getting scolded by parents. Yes, depression could make you feel like there is nothing left in life to derive pleasure from. Even if everything is right, patients of clinical depression could feel a sense of worthlessness, which could cause them to feel suicidal or to even kill themselves.

Lack of concentration; memory issues

Finding it hard to concentrate? Well, it could be one of the many Signs and Symptoms of Clinical Depression. And it is not just the inability to concentrate that bothers a patient of depression, they could also find it hard to remember and recollect things. Further, even the best of decision-makers could lose their decision-making abilities upon having this health condition. Put simply, depression takes a toll on your mental abilities, and can really hamper the quality of your day-to-day life.

A general feeling of fatigue

Fatigue is also an important indicator of clinical depression. If you feel tired throughout the day, even when you haven’t involved yourself in any laborious activity, you might be suffering from depression. This fatigue invariably disrupts the flow of life. You won’t be able to do your your household chores with the energy that they demand; you might also find it difficult to do your studies if you are a student. Besides, you will notice a glaring dip in your performance at work. Drinking coffee, and other caffeinated drinks would only worsen the scenario. Energy issues resulting from depression can only be fixed with proper treatment.

A feeling of sadness that wouldn’t leave

There is a persistent feeling of sadness, which simply won’t go away no matter what you do. And this sadness is of the clingy type. It stays with you even when you are engaged in your favorite activities. Apparently, it is this persistent feeling of sadness that causes people with clinical depression to consider committing suicide. With such a deep feeling of sadness, it is obvious for patients to find faults even in the most perfect of life situations.

The above Signs and Symptoms of Clinical Depression are a warning alarm that you need to seek medical help as early as possible and BetterHelp can be helpful in such cases. Depression might not give you physical pain or an unbearable itch, but it is as bothersome as these two. It eats at you and takes you to a point wherein all you want to do is quit. So, follow good practices like socializing, and keep away from negative thoughts, situations, and people. Just don’t worry! Clinical depression is treatable!

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