Exercising after Augmentation: How Long Should You Wait?

Breast augmentation enhances the size and shape of the breasts in one go, just one of the reasons why it’s such a popular cosmetic procedure. The surgery needs to be performed under general anesthetic but most patients are able to go home on the same day, which is always appealing.

If fitness and exercise are important to you, you may be wondering how long you will need to wait before you can get back into the swing of things.

Exercising after Augmentation

Choosing a Sports Bra after Augmentation

Before you can even think about exercising, your first priority should be finding several sports bras that will support your new breasts while you’re working out. Once your surgeon clears you for exercise, here are two things to keep in mind when shopping for bras for your workouts.

  • Your implants will need time to settle after your surgery. A sports bra can affect the shape of your breasts though, so it’s important to choose bras that don’t constrict your chest too much.
  • Don’t purchase too many sports bras after your surgery because the size and shape of your breasts will change once your implants settle. This means your bras might not fit in the same way once this happens.

These breast augmentation details will tell you more about what you can expect during your recovery.

The Dangers of Exercising Too Soon

You may think that exercise could potentially enhance your recovery but do it too soon and it could have the exact opposite effect. By working out too soon, your implants could move and cause your breasts to appear asymmetrical. Exercising too vigorously, too soon, can also cause additional swelling, bruising and pain.

It’s always advisable that you follow your surgeon’s specific instructions with regards to getting back into your exercise routine but here are a few general guidelines to give you a better idea of what to expect:


While you will be able to increase your activity levels as your energy returns, you will need to start out with some light walking until you’re further along in your recovery. Walking within the first few days after your surgery will increase your circulation but it shouldn’t go too high just yet. From there, you will more than likely need to wait a week or two before you’ll feel up to doing anything more than light walking. After week two, you can walk for longer, increase your speed or incline on the treadmill or start cycling on a stationary bike.


No strenuous lifting will be possible for several weeks after your surgery and this includes carrying groceries or picking your children up. After four weeks, you can start out with some gentle, lower-body strength training such as lunges. You will need to wait at least eight weeks before you can start using weights to train your upper body.


Contact sports should be avoided at all costs during your recovery. Just because your implants are strong doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. You should wait at least two months or until your surgeon clears you to play sports again. If you are a swimmer, you won’t be able to submerge your breasts in water for at least 3 weeks, this includes baths. Since swimming works your upper body, you won’t be able to swim laps for at least two months.

By staying in touch and communicating with your surgeon on a regular basis, you will know when it’s safe for you to start working out and getting back into your usual routines. Until then, give your body some time to rest and recover – the results will be well worth it.

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