Banana Moon: Top 8 Bikinis Trends to beat the summer heat in 2022

Have you had enough layered clothing throughout the winters? How about catching up on glamorous and comfy Bikini trends in 2022? Being beach-ready is a great idea if you have a travel plan in your mind.

Founded in 1984, Banana Moon quickly accelerated its pace to experience the taste of success. Not only nationwide, but it stood strong throughout the entire globe in no time as the sole brand offering the exotic Bikinis and swimwear reflecting different appearances. Today, with a whole era of experience in this category, Banana Moon is offering a wide range of lingerie, clothing options, and a catchy set of accessories to go with any look.

Decking up in fantabulous swimwear on a vacation trip is a perfect way to celebrate yourself. It’s a breezy attire that you can adorn with a vibrant splash of colors to get yourself a unique look. And Bikini Banana moon is certainly entertaining you with all these opportunities with its wide range of collections.

Encompassing the subtle updates on the latest beachwear trends can help you flaunt your best side in style. And when it comes to varieties and options in swimwear, there are a lot of options amongst which you can choose the ideal wear to pose for the next Instagram post!

Chic Square Necks

The list of top Bikini Trends consists of a cool square-line attire that enhances your overall personality. It highlights the delicate neckline and adds a slimming effect to the curvy bodies. You can catch a glimpse of the shoulder bones, and wider straps carve out a perfect frame for the body. There are multiple styles in terms of colors, straps, cuts, and materials that you could experiment with to grab a perfect look.

Belted Swimwear

Women with a perfect hourglass body shape should not hesitate to try out belted swimwear. It’s a perennial favorite and draws the viewers’ attention with a belt around the waistline. This trend is peculiarly found in one-piece swimsuits or the high-waisted bikinis. Adding a contrast hue belt to the swimwear further enhances the overall look. Nail this bossy trend with a buckle ring in the center that gives it further detailing.

Bright Monochromes

This one is certainly the style staple that you must check out. Monochromes are a new hit in 2022, and adorning yourself with a single hue of swimwear seems elegant. Colors like orange, yellow and green are trending these days, and they can be the perfect brights to soothe out the scorching summer heat. So, get set to raise the temperature with a perfect monochrome look and experiment with flamboyant shades like tomato red or hot pink.


Moving further with the Banana Moon Bikini trends, crochet has made a comeback this summer. There is versatile crochet beach swimwear with a detailed knit finish. Check for the different prints and styles available in a micro-crochet style that looks elegant and water-friendly. Be cautious about picking the right fabric, or it will leave you feeling soggy.


If you have a slender and sleek figure, why not shine out in style at the upcoming pool parties. The cut-out swimsuits have a striking design with thin falls towards the hip, shoulders or ribcage. It appears like you have draped a bikini to give it a unique touch. Style it up with cool nail art, and you are set to ablaze the girls around!

Metallic never runs out of fashion

Decking up in glamorous outfits is a pleasure for every chic out there! Metallic adds a unique vibe to the swimwear with that glitzy and glitter finish. Welcoming the summer with metallic beachwear could make you a showstopper on the sand runway. Flicker over shades of gold, silver, or bronze, and the tint of sunlight could amplify its look further. You could create a style statement and be the head turner when dressed up in a glossy outfit!

Crinkled fabrics

A staple swimsuit trend of the 80s, crinkle is back here with different variations of sizes and looks. It is now accessible in a multitude of options, and even influencers like this fabric these days. When comfort seems an ultimate trend, try out this super stretchy outfit and strap it over another to highlight that perfect asymmetric look.

Ring Detailing

Is a simple bikini or swimsuit lying ideal in your wardrobe for a long while? Adding a punch of ring detail to it would do the required magic. Make a cut out over the bikini top or loops in the straps to give it a new look. Now add a metallic ring to highlight the cot0out, and its glitter in the sun would impart an edgy appeal. Creating this ring effect in a Tankini could further enhance the look and allow a small opening amidst the longline body coverage.

Wrap Up

Whether it’s a plus-size swimwear or a teeny bikini, there’s no limitation of options that you have got to grab that vivacious look with swimsuit ideas. Among many swimsuit styling trends offered by Banana Moon, it’s important to go for options that suit your skin tone, body type, and comfort. Remember that the right fit could help you stay carefree around the beach and makes you feel good about yourself.

While there are endless trends in designs and patterns in Banana Moon, we have shortlisted a few flattering ones. Go for trends that lift your silhouette and impart a well-sculpted look. It’s worth blabbering about the stylish swim look that you can enhance with some chunks or a smart pair of sunglasses!

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