Does Traveling Make Your Love Stronger?

I think everyone likes traveling. There are some exceptions – staying home lovers – but this article is for the couples who like traveling. It may be traveling as a couple or apart traveling. Of course, traveling can make your relationships with your significant other stronger but every couple has to resolve what traveling will be more useful for their relationships and what traveling will make their love hotter! I try to explain that speaking from personal experience.

Traveling Make Your Love Stronger1

Traveling Make Your Love Stronger

Due to the fact that most psychologists say that the traveling as a couple can refresh your relationships and improve them, the traveling can also help to rediscover each other one more time, it is the great way to reconnect with the person you love best of all!

Traveling Make Your Love Stronger6

But as for me and in my family unfortunately or luckily such psychologists` advice doesn’t work. I try to illustrate why it happens! I love my husband so much and he loves me (at least I hope that) but our vacations we prefer to spend apart from each other. This is our key to the happy marriage as my husband and I understand traveling in different ways, that’s why we spend our vacations in different ways.

Traveling Make Your Love Stronger5

Last summer vacations I went to Morocco and my loved one traveled to northeastern Italy in the Dolomites as I would like to spend my rest at the seaside in luxury apartments in the five-star hotel but my husband wanted to go to the mountains and preferred camping to the comfortable hotel. This is the main difference between us: he likes extreme holidays or tent vacations and I like comfort and more traditional way of relaxation.

The result of such apart traveling was wonderful! We both got a lot of pleasure and were very happy, inspired and glad to see each other after two weeks break. We could not stop talking to each other and telling about our great impressions of the holiday. And this was even though we communicated via our phones all the time when it was possible. Of course, we missed each other, but at the same time, we rested from each other in such a way to renew our relationships and felt how deeply we cared about each other. We texted “I miss you messages” almost ten times a day and we did that with pleasure!

Traveling Make Your Love Stronger7

So when we returned we both realized that we can’t live without each other. Our relationships became closer, more romantic and tender. All these changes happened as we got a really good rest. Just imagine if I went with him to the mountain and lived in the tent during two weeks. Oh, no! I would come back home with awful mood, my vacation would be ruined and I would blame my husband in that all the time. That would lead to quarrels and finally to divorce! Whoo… Don`t want even think about this!

I hope that my story will help you and teach you to choose what traveling fit your relationships most of all due to your attitude to your loved one. But just remember that apart traveling isn’t something bad or strange. Sometimes it’s the best way to make your love stronger. Don’t be afraid to offer such traveling to your partner one day.

Traveling Make Your Love Stronger9

In addition, I`d like to share with you the best “I miss you quotes that will help you if you risk traveling apart:

  • If you wanna know how much I miss you, try to catch rain drops, the ones you catch is how much you miss me, and the other you miss is how much I miss you!
  • I miss our conversations. I miss how we used to talk every minute of every day and how I was able to tell you everything that was on my mind.

Traveling Make Your Love Stronger3

  • When I close my eyes, I see you, when I open my eyes, I miss you.
  • I miss you. A little too much, a little too often and a little more every day.
  • I wish I were kissing you instead of missing you.
  • I miss you… I don’t know what else is there to say.
  • A thousand miles can’t keep me away from you.
  • You are near, even if I don’t see you. You are with me, even if you are far away. You are in my heart, in my thoughts, in my life always.
  • My memory loves you; it asks about you all the time.
  • My first thought in the morning is always you.

Traveling Make Your Love Stronger4

If you want to add some more tips of suggestion regarding this topic, please feel free to do so. We’re always open for some new point of views to analyzing situations and unique abilities to solve them.

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