How to Take Good Care Of Clip-In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are great as they add length to your hair. After getting a lot of benefits from hair extensions, can you return the same and take good care of your extensions? It doesn’t matter whether you are using them for the first time, or you are used to it. It’s always a good idea to revive your memory on how to tackle and take care of your extensions.

The more you care for your extensions, the longer they will last you. As it’s not affording to buy extensions daily. We will let you know about our entire hair extensions car, tips and tricks to ensure the safety of hair extensions.

Take Good Care Of Clip-In Hair Extensions

The Natural Life of Hair Extensions

With the greatest care, your extensions could last up to a year; it depends how often you used them. Washing and styling more often can reduce the life span of extensions, try to do it minimum. As we know our hair extensions do not have any natural source to get nourishment, so moisturize your extensions to reduce dryness.

Take Out Your Extensions before Going to Bed

Clip in extensions must be removed before getting into bed. Extensions can be dig out in your scalp which can be painful. Start taking out uppermost extensions than middle and bottom gradually.

Wash Them Once A Month

Wash your extensions with lukewarm water, place them in a tub or sink. You can use good quality shampoo to wash them, add little amount of it and clean the fibers gently. After shampooing, repeat the same with conditioner.

  • If your extensions are synthetic, use wig shampoo
  • If using natural extensions than use mild shampoo and conditioner

Don’t Brush In Wet Extensions, Hang them to Dry

Firstly, dry them with a soft towel. Hang extensions by clipping them into the pants hanger. Place the hanger into a well-ventilated area where they can scorch easily. After getting dry, you can brush them.

  • You can destroy your extensions by combing them while they are wet, let them dry.

Use Wide-Toothed Comb

Comb the ends first with a wide-toothed comb and work your way to the top. Do not comb from top to bottom; it caused damage. 

  • Use separate comb for hair extensions
  • Don’t brush in a rush, you may damage them.

Avoid Heat Styling Your Extensions

Straightening and curling can reduce the life-span of your extension. Heat is not suitable for extensions. If you heat synthetic hair extension, they will melt. Use a heat protecting spray while heat styling your natural hair extensions.

  • Your extensions can be tangle through blow drying
  • Your extensions should be dry while styling
  • Style them when they are clipped into your hair.

Use Extensions in Ponytails When They Are Made To Be Worn That Way

Some extensions do not stay in ponytails and fall apart. When you buy extensions read label whether you can use extensions in a ponytail.


With normal concentration and care, your extensions can last more than a year and will look healthier. If you want to take most excellent care of your extensions, follow these tips and tricks. It is also recommended by experts always contact quality Hair extensions manufacturer to get a healthy look. 

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