What Your Boyfriend want You to do for Him

Love relationships are getting really popular among youngsters these days. Some of these relations are really good where both the sexes are respected by each other, while some relations turn wild and broke up too. There are relations in which lust play the major part while there are relation in which love is present all the time. A boyfriend-girlfriend relationship may turn out to be a loving relationship in long run if both have common thinking. Many blogs often talk about what girlfriend wants her boyfriend to do, but if you are girl then you will be eager to know that what your wants you to do for him. Here are some interesting things that your boyfriend expects from you.

What Your Boyfriend want You to do for Him1.2

What Your Boyfriend want You to do for Him

Love Him

As you are in relationship, love is the foremost thing that your boyfriend will be expecting from you. Your love will be thing what he wants from you. You can show him your love by:

What Your Boyfriend want You to do for Him1

  • You must care for him. Show him that you care or bring it to his notice
  • Kiss him when you are alone to be romantic and nice
  • Say him ‘I Love You’. These are 3 magical words that are the base of every relationship

Say him the truth

Truth is the basic need of every relationship. A relation can’t grow strong, if it is based on lies. Sharing your past will be a good thing. Your boyfriend will know the things about you so that anyone can’t break your relation. Telling a lie though save you from troubles, but later on this lie can turn out to be a big danger for a relation. Speaking the truth should be the priority and basic need of your relationship. Whatever the thing is, your boyfriend wants that you should be friendly to him and should share every good and bad about yourself with him.

What Your Boyfriend want You to do for Him2

Be Sexy for Him

He wants that you should be sexy for him. You must look sexy, not for others, but for him. He wants to see you in different looks and adore you in your different looks. You can look sexy in following ways:

What Your Boyfriend want You to do for Him3

  • Wear sexy dresses that are loved by your boyfriend
  • Change your hairstyle or dressing sense
  • You can even go for light makeup to bring charm to your face
  • Just be yourself for him

Go Romantic with him

Romance makes your relationship strong. You can be romantic with your boyfriend publicly and privately too. You can be romantic in different manner with you love:

What Your Boyfriend want You to do for Him4

  • Start talking dirty. It can be sexual or teasing talks
  • Make him little lusty for you
  • Tease him with your clothes
  • Ask him for a date where you and he are alone
  • Plan a movie together
  • If you don’t have a problem then sex can make your relation more stronger and you can bring more romance with it

Call him with sweet names

Your boyfriend will definitely have his real name, but he will love hear a different name for him from you. You can call him with sweet names like my love, dear, sweety, darling, and many other such names. Even he will be calling you with such names.

What Your Boyfriend want You to do for Him5

These were some interesting things that every girl should know. A boyfriend always wants his girlfriend to care for him, love him, be with him in difficult situation, and be romantic with him. He will you endlessly, if you are the right girl for him and he finds it.

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